An unexpected Connection

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  1. [​IMG]Frank was just about done with his afternoon swim. The waves were perfect and the feel the the water against his body was undiscribable. The beach was the best place for Frank when he was stressed out or in his case needed to lossen up and relax his muscles. The other day he was almost caught in his wolf form and he really didn't want to kil anyone. It had been a man who was taking a piss near the woods close by Franks house. He wasn't quite sure the man saw him or not but he could probubally tell the diffrence from a mutt then a abnormal size dog.

    He placed his board in the warm sand and ran his hands through his hair. As Frank looked around the beach he noticed that the people were slowly starting to leave besides the teenagers and a few couples who were too busy with their tounges down eachother's throat than looking at the view. Frank took a seat in the sand and then watched the waves crash against the shore. He was in the mood for a drink and he haden't had one in almost a week.

    After a couple of minutes Frank stood and walked over to where he rested his towel and dried off and put on his cargo pants and Adida slippers. Grabbing his board and towel Frank walked over to where his car was and placed hsi board in the back of his truck. Getting in he drove over to his beach shack house. Once he got cleaned up and dressed along with his beer he grabbed from the kitchen, made his way down the block to head over to the bar which wasn't that much of a distance.

    ( This is what the outside of the house looks like)
  2. Night had fallen by the time Frank reached the bar, and inside were the usual kinds of people to be found in a bar shortly after nightfall. The place was nearing full capacity already, since the bar had the bright idea of offering drinks at a discount for the first couple hours after opening. Then the later crowds would start coming in, and the bartender would hike up the prices again. It worked out well enough as a business strategy. People would pay for the alcohol either way.

    Leaning in the corner of the bar was a young, olive-skinned man who was casually looking around the rest of the place. He had somewhat long black hair--long enough for it to get in his face in the front--and dark eyes. It wouldn't be difficult to guess from appearances alone that his family was from the Middle East. His looks coupled with the fact that he was wearing a black trench coat was getting him more than a few looks. Though, granted, not all of them were because he looked like a potential terrorist. He actually looked quite good in that coat. He was even wearing fingerless, black-leather gloves and similarly black boots. His entire outfit was black, really. His long pants were visible past the bottom of the coat, but his long-sleeved shirt was completely hidden.

    Along with the weapons he had on him.

    He had ordered a drink, but he was just holding onto it. Not a single drop of what looked like a Long Island Iced Tea had been consumed, and he didn't intend to drink any of it. It was just for show, to make himself blend in somewhat. He wasn't trying to attract attention to himself, but that was a little hard considering his looks and attire. At least he wasn't like his elders. They stood out like sore thumbs. Unfortunately, he had that to look forward to in his future. Probably not for another fifty years or so, though.

    When Frank walked in, the olive-skinned man paid him no mind. Sure he'd noticed him enter, but he had no reason to take particular interest in him. Even though he did look kind of...delicious. That was an odd thought, and the young man just shook it out of his head. He took another look around the bar, hesitating to label anyone as potential prey for the evening. He hated this part. It always ate at him to know that he'd be taking blood from someone here tonight. He wouldn't kill them--he did enough killing--but he did need to feed. Desperately. He'd been doing a lot of traveling lately, and that meant skipping feedings. If he kept missing feedings, he'd be in a great deal of trouble. And so would anyone around him. He didn't want to lose control and end up killing anyone by accident.
  3. Frank simply looked around the bar. It was late and all the people were out getting drunk and practically having sex in the corner. Occasionally a few girls would come up to him. Some were girls that he knew, either a friend, someone that he used to go to school with, or a simple booty call. And as for the others, he had no idea who they were and just figured that they were drunk, honry and trying to get laid. The place was big and their was and upstairs where the reckless drunk were.

    After a few minutes talking to some people that he knew, Frank headed over to the bartender and asked for a few drinks. After a reliving day on the beach there was nothing better than to end the night drunk. After the third shot Frank made his way upstairs and sat down resting his head on the table. He was nowhere near drunk but was somewhat close too it. That was the one thing that always got to Frank was the simple fact that it didn't take much to get him wasted.

    Some guys started arguing over who was sleepign around with some girl and in less than five minutes a full out fight broke out with the result of both the guys being kicked out to settle their problems outside. Frank shook his head at the scence and then went back downstairs to get some more drinks. Frank watched a few people glance in a certain direction and when he looked over he realized why. Some man just stitting at the table. He looked diffrent. For one it was nice weather and he had on a coat and gloves and the way he looked...It was hard to look away.

    Once the liquor was in his system Frank was done. Occasionally he'd skae his head in a poor attempt to keep his body from falling straight to the ground. On his way twords the door he bumped the table the man was sitting in. Placing one hand up in an attempt to let the man know it was an accident, Frank just mumbled something stupid and walked out the door. His house was only four blocks away and if he could keept one foor infront the other unitl he got there then he'd be perfectly fine.
  4. The young man in the corner continued to not drink his beverage, though he did end up giving it to someone else. Apparently they didn't have enough money for another drink, and they were crazy enough to ask for a stranger's drink rather than their money. He wasn't going to drink it anyway, so he saw no reason not to hand it over. Of course, that led to the girl flirting with him relentlessly. She was practically sitting on his lap, but he'd feel bad if he preyed on a drunk woman. A drunk man... Well, that he could accept. He didn't feel like such a creeper that way.

    He saw the drunk Frank leaving later in the evening, and he figured that he would make a decent meal tonight. All he'd have to do is follow him out. Probably follow him home, too. It really made him feel like a stalker, but he had to feed. His morals often got in the way of that, though. Unfortunately. Sometimes he was envious of those vampires who no longer gave a shit. Would he end up like that one day, too? Allah, he hoped not...

    Following the drunk Frank was easy enough to accomplish. He was well-practiced at shadowing people without them being aware of it, and soon the vampire decided to make his move. He pretended to be drunk himself as he bumped into Frank, trying to knock him down. There was no one else around, so there was little chance that he'd be seen. He just hoped Frank didn't do something unmanly like call for help. Even if he did start to do so, the vampire would bite him quickly. A vampire's bite was incredibly pleasureful for both parties involved, so it would probably shut Frank up in a hurry. At least, the vampire hoped it would.
  5. Frank's attempts to walk in a straight line were poor. He had stumbled more than once and even the slightest gust or warm wind was enough to have him land right back on his ass like he had done ten times in a row already. It was a sad case to even say that the two drunk men that were kicked out before he left, had their walk together. Shaking his head Frank stopped breifly to looked at how far he had to walk to get to his house and apart of him wanted to just get on the floor nd got to sleep.

    A car drove past but luckily it didn't slow down. Frank's body felt heavy and he knew it wasn't because he gained weight since he was in perfect shape. There was just two blocks left and turnning his head, Frank could barley see the bar and mabey it was for the best because when he looked back at it, the sight made him want to throw up. Luckily he didn't and he forced himself to keep walking on.

    Once Frank was a block from his house. A rush of relif set in. He'd take a pain killer and drink soem water right before passing out on the couch and either wake up on the couch or in fetal position on the floor which he had been in many occasions. The bump by the man caught Frank off guard and he was on the floor before he could even blink. Frank was looking at double and he blinked. The man looked like the one from the bar. At loss of words and footing Frank struggled to get up and managed back on the floor once more.
  6. The vampire pinned Frank down with his own body, chuckling in a drunken manner despite his lack of inebriation. He pretended to have difficulty getting off Frank, mumbling apologies in a Middle-Eastern accent. Specifically, Iranian. Not that Frank could probably tell that. The drunken man probably wouldn't be able to tell too much, actually. The vampire was going for his neck.

    Frank might catch a glimpse of fangs as the vampire goes to his throat, the elongated canines visible in his mouth. There was an undisguised hunger in his eyes, a testament to his thirst. It felt even more intense now that he had a warm throat in front of him.
  7. Frank was too drunk to notice or care at that point. Nodding slowly as the man apologized over in some accent that Frank couldn't quite make out. The guy was still on him and Frank grabbed the guys arm but then it dropped as quickly as he had brought his hand up. The first thing that Frank felt was a slight sting but as quick as that pain came it left and he waas left feeling nothing but utter pleasure.

    He moved under the mans weight and slowly his eyes closed. The pleasure was flowing through his whole body. There was nothing going on in his mind at the moment and his body. It was like he had gone limp and floating. Some weird feeling but Frank was deffinitally enjoying it in whatever state of himd he was in. Frank closed and everything was a blur.
  8. The vampire drank from Frank for several long moments, enjoying his own bit of the pleasure. It was certainly wonderful, and it drowned out the guilt of taking blood from an unwilling donor. Well, an unknowing donor. Who was also unwilling.

    He didn't take a great deal of blood. It was something he was very conscious of, and he licked the wound to seal it once he was done feeding. He listened to the man's heartbeat for a few moments, just to confirm that it was still strong, before starting to get up. He didn't know if he should just leave the man there, though. He seemed really, really drunk. In fact, the vampire was now feeling that inebriation after taking that alcohol-filled vitae. He could hardly see straight himself right now, and his movements were a little unsteady as he tried to adjust to his new state.
  9. The feeling of pleasure was still rushing through his body but it wasn't like before. Now Frank's head was throbbing and the only thing he was looking at was the man and he wasn't even sure it was a guy. It looked like a damn tree from his point of view. Slowly he wobbled but managed to stand. Breifly and only breifly, Frank placed his hand on the guys shoulder but only to support himself. The street was completly empty and his house seemed farther than before.

    After what seemed to be ages, Frank opened the door to his house and tossed keys on the table before closing the door behind him and walking into the kitchen. After guzzling down some water Frank passed out on the couch with a strange feeling and missing the sensation that he had feel a few moments ago. The next morning Frank rushing into the bathroom to throw up. He hated it. Cleaning himself up Frank dragged himself into the kitchen to make himself some coffe.

    His mind was blur and he keep trying to remember what was going on last night. Without thought Frank placed his hand on his neck. Slowly he shook his head and shook away the thought before making some breakfast. Frank didn't feel like doing anything but in the back of his mind he keep seeing the face of the guy at the bar wit the black coat. Making his way into the bathroom he stripped and took a long shpwer before drying off and putting on some breifs to head back downstairs.
  10. The vampire had returned to his temporary home after feeding from the man. Somehow his blood tasted better to the vampire than he was used to. From humans, at least. He'd tasted some other blood that was simply incredible. It had to be altered first, granted, but it was still delicious. Much like the blood he'd taken from Frank. He had followed the man to his home, just to make sure he made it back safe. It would be a shame if Frank didn't make it back.

    When the next night came, the vampire didn't return to the bar. He opted to explore the area, enjoying the scenery while he could. He didn't know how long he could be here, but it was beautiful. The ocean looked lovely at night, and he hadn't really gotten the opportunity to see it before. He went to just sit on the beach, looking out at the waves.
  11. After watching some televison for a couple of minutes Frank felt alot better and wanted to catch some waves. Last night was a completle blur with a feeling of emptiness he couldn't quite grasp. Frank threw on some swimming trunks and grabbed his shirt and board. Quickly leaving the house he smiled at the warm air. Being that he was a warm weather person he dind't mind the heat at all.

    Once he reached the beach Frank hopped out the car and grabbed his board. The first thing Frank didnwas go and swim. Their were baby waves so Frank didn't mind just strocking a few laps and spending time underwater and watching the fish. It was only until he lifted his head up that he saw the guy from the bar. It was kinda hard not to miss him and he looked hot...well hot with the jacket on and Frank had the urge to toss the guy into the water.

    Back on dry land Frank approached the guy and then smiled. " Um hey i saw you the other day in the bar, I can tell your not from here. Im Frank and you are?".
  12. The young vampire was shocked that the man had found him. Well, not so much found him. This was a random encounter, from what he could tell. But here they were together, and the vampire was very much reminded of how good this man's blood had tasted. So, so delicious. Just thinking about it was making him salivate.

    "You're right," the vampire said, again with that Iranian accent. "I'm not from around here." He smiled at Frank, acting as friendly as possible. "I'm Reza. Pleasure to meet you." He held out a hand to shake Frank's, if the man so chose. His hand was cold to the touch despite the warmth of the weather and his own attire.
  13. Frank nodded as the man spoke. He could tell that he wasn't from around here and it wasn't like it was hard to tell either. As the man know as Reza introduced himself Frank shook the mans hand and his facial expression changed but only breifly. Reza's hand was cold. It wasn't like it was winter and the guy didn't look sick at all.

    Brushing the thought of but only for a moment, Frank took a seat next to the man. " Hey since your not from around here, I could show you around? I dont do this much but you seem like you could have some fun, espicially with all the warm clothes you have on. I mean you have to be burning up". Frank spoke as he opened three buttons on the mans coat. He chuckled and then stood up. "Dude you really neeed to get in the water".
  14. Reza was surprised when Frank was forward enough to actually start unbuttoning his coat for him. That was...weird, in Reza's opinion. But he supposed it was extremely abnormal for someone to wear a coat when it was this warm out. Then again, the sun was down and therefore the temperature was cooler than it was during the day. Still, it wasn't the sort of weather you wore a coat for. And definitely not a trench coat.

    "You can show me around if you want," he agreed, trying not to show that he was a little uncomfortable with what Frank did. Reza really didn't know his way around this area all that well. He knew a few places, but he didn't have nearly the level of familiarity with it as a local would. Besides, Reza wouldn't object to taking more blood from this man. Not tonight, granted, but perhaps another one in the future.

    He shook his head at the swimming comment. "I don't actually own any swimwear," he confessed. That made swimming hard. Unless he went in naked, but that would be a little much for him.
  15. Frank nodded when the man said that he didn't mind Frank showing him around. He didn't want to be weird and all but it was just the kind of guy Frank was. He nodded when Reza said that he didn't have any swimming clothes. He figured since the guy looked like he was from a whole other world. Looking back at the water Frank grabbed his board and then walked down to place it in the shack for holding. When he returned to Reza he smiled and then motioned for the man to get up.

    " Hey um I know this might sound strange but do you remember what happened last night? I think i remember seeing your face..but I was drunk so forget it". Frank shook his head and then began walking to his car and making sure Reza wasn't far behind him. When they got to the car, Frank put on his shirt and then climbed in and started the car. " I guess the first place we could take you is one of the clothing stores".
  16. "I remember seeing you, too," Reza said, choosing his words carefully, "but I was a little drunk, myself..." He certainly had been after drinking from Frank. How the guy had consumed that much alcohol and still been able to walk somewhat straight was beyond Reza. His own tolerance for alcohol wasn't quite so high. It had taken a lot of effort to keep his head on straight last night.

    He followed the man to the car, completely ignoring the usual worries that people have when it comes to getting in a car with a stranger. Reza felt no such concern for his well-being. He could handle anything this man could possibly throw at him. Or so he thought. If he knew that Frank was a werewolf, that likely would have changed in a hurry.
  17. When Reza said that he did remember seeing Frank he looked over and then nodded. He remembered seeing a drink at the mans table but it was full, but then again he could have drunken it when he went upstairs. Pulling out the parking lot Frank drove around slowly just so Rwza could see what the area looked like. eventually he stopped at the clothing store and then got out locking the doors behind them. " Okay now that were here we should get you soem new clothes and dont worry about money".

    Leading Reza into the store the was mostly summer clothes which made sense since it was the summer time. He pulled out a few shirts and shorts and then handed them to Reza. " Go ahead and try them on to see how they look, ill be waiting out here". Frank smiled and then walked over to talk to the cashier. Since they guy and him had been really close he let the first out fit be free of cost. Franked thanked the man and then waited on Reza.
  18. Reza went into the changing room to try on the clothes Frank had picked out. It had been a while since he'd actually gotten new clothes for himself, seeing as his body didn't change anymore. He didn't even remember what sizes he wore. And for all he knew, the sizing system had changed since the last time he'd been clothes shopping. It didn't seem like it had, but he still found it necessary to try the stuff on.

    He changed out of his current outfit and into a shirt and a pair of shorts. The sword that he kept hidden under his coat got carefully wrapped in the garment, so as to keep it hidden even if he ended up carrying his coat out of here. He really didn't want that to be visible. It would attract a lot of unwanted attention to him, seeing as not every person around here happened to carry a scimitar with them. That would be a very unusual sight, and it would likely get the cops called on him. Very likely.

    The shirt and shorts fit him well, and he tried on the others just to make sure they were all good. The mirror there confirmed that he actually did look good in that attire, though it was very, very strange for him to see himself in something other than his usual outfit.

    Once he was done trying everything on, he changed into his normal clothes again and made sure his scimitar was once again hidden. Then he left the changing room with the new clothes in his arms. He'd change into them later, once he didn't have to worry about keeping his scimitar out of view.