An Unconventional Situation

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    "How much do you cost? I'll buy you for the next 24 hours. You'd have to do everything I say and do whatever I tell you to do by then. Do we have a deal?"

    What would you do when someone you don't know suddenly tells you this out of the blue? And to make things even more weirder that it already seems the guy is down on one knee and is giving you a ring! Could your day get even much more weirder?

    A strong independent high-class hostess who is in love with money and a egocentric powerful businessman who pretty much owns everything there is to own and more. Two strangers with so little things in common and completely over-powering personalities, meeting in a very unconventional way and getting to know each other in a very unconventional set-up.

    Can these two be able to make it through the next 24 hours without killing each other?

    "Will you stop fidgeting already? Where the hell is your sense of grace? Could you be anymore clumsier?" A tall good-looking and very quiet sharp in a tuxedo--if I do say so myself, kind of man spoke in a husky deep sensual and rather annoyed tone of voice to the woman standing, no scratch that, barely trying to stand beside him as he watched her trying to pull down the cut of her dress exposing much of her right leg and thigh to her discomfort. He had to roll his eyes at her, wasn't she the one who picked the damn dress to begin with? She was practically drooling all over it when they where finding a party dress for the engagement party like 6 hours ago. And now, as she had worn it, she practically regretted ever have bought the damn thing.

    "Didn't I asked you if you want to fit it first before we bought it? Its your damn fault for being so impulsive." He practically grinned his teeth at her for acting without properly thinking things through. Well, that goes the same thing for him as well. Having asked a random stranger out of the blue to be his "date" for the night without considering what the person was like. But he had a reason... or rather he had a desperate reason for it. He didn't have any other choice anyway. It was either a torturous evening with her or a lifetime of misery, he'd chose her.

    "Would you stop that already. I am going to be late for my own damn engagement party." He said in a irritated and demanding way. "Its not like they would pay attention to your legs. Its not even that appealing to look at anyway." Smooth move slick. Smooth move. Way to make a girl feel special.
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  2. Kieara tugged at the black strapless dress. She had liked it when she saw it, but as she got it on, she felt it exposed way to much and came dangerously close to exposing a scar she didn't want to be seen. That was her problem with this dress. she loved it. If she had the skin to wear it. The scar was one such that it demanded attention and an explanation. so no, she didn't want it seen. Of course when the man offered to take her out for a nice evening, and to pay her to do so? Who wouldn't jump at that offer? A gorgeous man who was paying her for a date? That sounded like a win win to her. She didn't expect to be doing anything explicit though. He'd reinforced that when he told her they were going to a party.

    She frowned and looked up at him. "I didn't know that the cut went that high when we got it, okay? I made a mistake, I am sorry." She spoke to him. She pushed her red curls out of her blue eyes and finally quit with the dress with an exasperated sigh. She crossed her arms over her chest and spoke. "Your own engagement party? Remind me again why I am doing this and why you're having an engagement party without being engaged?" She asked.

    She heard his words and that brought even more self conscious thoughts. She looked down for a moment when he spoke. "I know that i'm not. You don't have to make it out like it's the dress." she spoke to him bitterly. "Let's just get this over with."
  3. "I didn't pay you to ask questions now, did I?" he reminded Kieara who was the "boss" around here. He pinched the tip of his nose bridge, in all of Marco's 29 years of living he hadn't met someone who was such a handful to deal with like Kieara. The night hasn't even started yet and already he was nursing a growing headache. No, not headache... a migraine! That's right, Kieara and her endless sea of questions were giving him a migraine! He feels as if he was some kind of minimum paid teacher having to have the obligation answer every question she would throw at him.

    Marco sighed dejectedly before he spoke to her. "Look. All you need to do is just look pretty beside me. You don't need to say anything, heck, don't even have to do anything special, just smile and be polite. Is that so hard?" he said, reminding her what they had agreed upon while settling some sort of negotiations prior to their terms and conditions before settling anything that needs to be settled. "Smile. You look great." he reassured her.

    So you're probably wondering why a rich and powerful man like Marco ended up trying to comfort a very gorgeous woman like Kieara in a hotel and spatting at each other then comforting each other like their brother and sister or something? Good question. Well, as cliché as it may sound, it all started 12 hours ago.


    9:54am, CEO Office, Weiss Inc. Main Branch

    "Sir, at 10pm your engagement party with Ms. Linux will be at the Royal Plaza Hotel. But before that you have a meeting with..." Marco's secretary and personal slave driver had been going on and on with his schedule for today. And like always he had no room to even breath. Though its not like he had any reason to complain. He actually like working and keeping himself busy, making profits, climbing up to the top of the social ladder, actually becoming someone who is powerful and important. Yeah, you could he had done very well with himself after he had taken over his father's groups of company. He really did outdid himself and also impressed his old man when his company profits tripled the amount of income after only a year being the CEO of the Weiss Inc.

    Marco Weis, 29 years old, CEO of the world's top marketing and trading industry, Weiss Inc. Was voted the most sexiest and powerful man in an international magazine and not to mention the country's top one most eligible bachelor. Yep, you could say that Marco has it all. But for some odd reason, Marco still felt unsatisfied. As if, something was missing but he could never really understand what it was that was missing. Probably something rare and precious, he would sometimes thought. Maybe. But he can't really put his foot down on it. What was it that was missing? He was starting to get irritated. So irritated that he failed to hear any of what his secretary had said and didn't noticed he was calling out to him to pay attention to him.

    "...Sir Weis! Please pay attention! It is in your best interest to know your schedule of the day without any delay!" his secretary, Mr. James Tassel, 37 years old, and was the secretary of the previous CEO for 12 years and is now currently serving the new CEO prior the previous CEO's orders. "Mr. Weis," Tassel sighed, "If you had the time to think, please do it at your free time." he began, reminding Marco what he was and how important every milliseconds of his time was. He is however, has always been very concern over Marco and his health.

    Ever since the young master had taken over the company 3 years ago. Being his secretary, Tassel knew what Marco's schedule was day by day. Sometimes there were days when Marco wouldn't sleep for days and if he does get the chance to sleep, he could only manage an hour or two but it would sometimes be cut due to sudden emergencies that would require his utmost attention. Really, this boss of his was such a handful, no wonder the former CEO wouldn't entrust his son to anyone but him. He knew with how Tassel work, how reliable he could be, how he can easily handle everything smoothly so his employer wouldn't have to worry about every thing that wasn't really important. How Tassel can easily manipulate his bosses schedule and locations so that no time was wasted. He was that reliable of a man. Very trustworthy.

    "Mr. Weis, you know I could always..." before Tassel could finish his sentence, suggesting that he could always cancel his other meetings and set them for another day so Marco could have more time to rest before the party, but Marco stood up before he could even suggest it to him.

    "Sorry about that, James. Just repeat everything to me again while we're in the car. A meeting with the shipment supplier is first on the agenda, right?" he said to him as he began to walk pass Tassel who seemed to be concern over his health. Mr. Tassel was a kind man, Marco thought, and considered him to be family. Heck, when Marco was still a boy Mr. Tassel would be the one who would most likely take care of him, like an older brother. That bond they had when he was young had never change, even when he became Mr. Tassel's boss. Marco would still have high respect for the man.

    Mr. Tassel's facial expression then change from a concern brother to a professional secretary. After all business would always go first before pleasure. Mr. Tassel would make sure that Marco would finish everything and have time to rest before the party starts one way or another. "Very well, the car is already waiting for us at the front entrance." he spoke as professionally as he should.

    Marco nodded to Mr. Tassel as he had approve of his efficiency and without anymore delay when to begin his day.
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  4. Kieara glared at his rudeness and just shut up. Maybe this all wasn't such a good idea. She just crossed her arms and waited for what was next. She may have to do what he said but that didn't mean she'd be happy about it. She wanted to know why exactly she was doing this and why it was so urgent for him.