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  1. Love and Death Walking Hand in Hand

    I never said that I want this,
    This burden came to me,
    And it's made it's home inside

    If I told you what I was,
    Would you turn your back on me?
    And if I seem dangerous,
    Would you be scared?

    I get the feeling just because,
    Everything I touch isn't dark enough
    If this problem lies in me.

    ~A Time Long Ago~
    Long ago there lived a small village by the river. This was an ordinary village, nothing special about it. But in this ordinary village, living in an ordinary house, was the most unordinary women. She had just moved into a small cottage a little ways from town. She mostly kept to herself, never really coming out except to go into to town to buy things. Soon the excitement she roused by arriving died down and she was mostly forgotten as people went back to their ordinary lives.

    But then strange things started happening, children going missing. The village, having never had anything like this happen, began to panic. Search parties were sent out to find these missing children but it was like they had never existed. As more and more children went missing, the rumor that a witch was stealing them away from their beds in the night circulated around the village, igniting even more fear and rage. Speculations went flying and the talk of burning spread like an illness. A poor women died that horrible night but when the villagers went to their bed, satisfied that the had rid the world of evil they awoke to the news that three children had gone missing.

    The fear grew deeper and then, someone pointed an accusing finger at the women that lived by herself in the outskirts. A band of men went and dragged the women, kicking and screaming into the center of town. She was tied to a stake in the center of town and the town gathered round her, yelling insults and throwing stones. Finally, the straw beneath her was lit and soon the flames was licking at her feet. The villagers watched as, screaming the women caught on her fire. Right before she died she yelled out:

    "I curse you! You have forsaken your children to a life of exile. Only the love of a pure soul can break the curse and free your black hearts!"

    As her ashes blew in the breeze, the town was silent before a cheer went up. The witch was dead and the town was safe. But there was an uneasy feeling in their hearts. Just what did the witch mean by her final words?

    When they realized what the curse implied, it was already too late and they were forced to watch they children born monsters, beast. Many were either killed, or killed themselves; not wanting to live such a life. Now, only four of the bloodline remain, trapped by the curse in their own hell.

    ~Present Day~
    Four young men set out determined to break their curse. They travel and travel, hoping that somewhere they would meant the one girl who could free them. They stumbled upon the small town of Salamaria, where live is ordinary. There they meet four girls, sisters who slowly capture their hearts. But, as they fall in love, their beast starts showing more. What are the boys to do? Only love can break the spell but when they are around the girls, their monster side starts trying to take over, hungering for the girls. Can they survive this crazy world they are thrown into?

    Rules MUST READ (open)

    1. No god modding. At ALL. If you don't know what God-Modding pertains too, ask please.
    2. No arguing in the OOC whatsoever. This has happened to me before and it made me and everyone in the
    3. Be reasonable. please.
    4. If you have read these rules put "Love Breaks The Strongest Spell" somewhere in your cs, it must stand out though.
    5. I reserve the right to make more rules.
    6. Please don't post then disappear. It keeps the rp from progressing forward so please, if you have to go somewhere or wont be on for a time, let me know. please. I've seen many rp's die from this and i really don't want it to happen to this one. so please. If, and this is your first warning, if you don't post when the rp starts and you didn't let me know if you wouldn't be on for a time or something like that and you don't post whatsoever or if you post then disappear, your character will be erased and the spot reopened. I will message before i do this to give you a chance to post but if you don't then the character will be erased.
    7. If you have any questions or you think i missed anything in the rules, please let me know. ^^ i don't bite, i promise.
    8. Cussing is allowed just not excessively.
    9. NO ONE LINERS! PERIOD. Must be at least three sentences.
    10. A little drama is fine, a lot of drama is not. So that means no teen pregnancy, rape, stuff like that. Ok?

    The Sister's:
    1. Shy/Nerdy Girl~ Karou(Me | Age 15)
    2. Feisty Girl~ Open | (Age 17)
    3. Uptight Girl~ Open(Age 18)
    4. Tomboy/Skater Girl~ Taken(Reserved for Shelby | Age 16)

    The Monster Boy's:
    1. The Bad Boy/Vampire~ Open(Age 15)
    2. The Kind Boy/Demon~ Open(Age 17)
    3. The Laid-Back Boy/Werewolf~ Open(Age 18)
    4. The Neat and Orderly Boy/Fallen Angel~ Open(Age 16)



    ~Name~(Sister's last name is Fairchild)

    ~Age~(By spot)

    ~Role~(Put the color that goes with your spot)

    ~Species~(girl-human, guys-spot)

    ~Powers~(guys only and only TWO powers)(Erase if girl)


    ~Personality~(Not Optional!!!!! Must be at least three proper sentences)(MUST MATCH THE SPOT! The Feisty Girl has to be feisty, The Uptight Girl uptight.)

    ~Biography~(Not Optional!!!!! Must be at least three proper sentences)(READ THE OTHER SISTERS BIO'S!)



    So, hi ^^"

    Up above is the entirety of my rp idea. But I'm new here so I'm not sure one: what category this falls under and two: if limited spots are accepted.​
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  2. Oh, this definitely sounds interesting!
    Do you mind if I make a character sheet for the tomboy/skater girl character?

    ~Love Breaks The Strongest Spell~

    I believe that this type of roleplay would be under the fantasy category...
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  3. I'll reserve the spot for you and make the OOC in the fantasy section. Thank you for the help. ^^
  4. Awesome, thanks!
    And no problem. (: