An RP Idea i've had

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  1. A woman keeps being haunted and scared out of her mind by this one sadist man. He's also the same person to comfort the woman after he has fun with playing with her mind. Man is also a sort of magician as well.

    That's pretty much the basic scenario. We can plan more if you PM me. owo I would prefer to play the girl in this part.~
  2. So the man is a stalker? or a ghost?
    And is he in love with her?
    Is he human, or demon?
    The magician part, does it just mean he is able to play tricks?
  3. He's a magician, a kind of illusionist. But the magic is all natural so its a fantasy world. Very modern fantasy ish.

    He just does it for kicks cause he knows her, but it does develop into love

    See his haunted pranks are pretty....pretty well thought and can be planned to happen for a long while...oAo
  4. Hmmmm. I like this ides, bu teh haunted pranks, is it like putting her into an illusion that scares her?

    I want to do this roleplay with you :D
  5. Oh...oh crap o_o someone had PM'd me saying they wanted to do it....oh...


    I can do it with you too ouo~