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INTEREST CHECK An RP focused mostly upon a higschool's "Gay Straight Alliance" Club?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by TinyRustyPiglets, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I dunno. Sort of like Glee or something except no singing... and.... I don't know I've never even watched the show... but anyway...

    The RP will be, as the title says, based around a highschool's Gay/Straight Alliance.


    • This WILL NOT be solely a ROMANCE roleplay (Though, with highschool, it's just kind of there so... yeah there will be a bit a romance, but that's not this RP's sole purpose)
    • This WILL DEFINITELY NOT be a YAOI or YURI roleplay (because most of these are tacky and sappy and I don't know but this will not be one of those)
    • Characters DO NOT have to be GAY, LESBIAN, BISEXUAL, TRANSGENDER*, ASEXUAL, PANSEXUAL, INTERSEX etc. etc. to be apart of this RP.
    • This will simply be a roleplay a couple of teenagers in a --put most frankly-- controversial highschool club that each have their own issues and problems and lives and whatnot.
    • This is realistic fiction, people. Two guys or two girls don't meet one day in real life, talk for a minute and then fall unconditionally and irrevocably in love with each other and then fuck in the same night. That just doesn't happen.
    • Romance is overrated, anyway

    If this Idea is successful I would be proud to play the club President, A transgender guy who hates the Term "Gay/Straight Alliance" because "It doesn't cover the whole Gender/Sexuality Spectrum" and who really wants to change it.

    I would also need a vice president.

    One last thought:

    It is a fact that gay guys are a little bit over played in many highschool roleplays. Please don't take advantage of this RP just because you would very well like to play a gay dude. We're trying to make society more aware of the rest of the"LGBTQIAP(etc.)" community besides the L and the G and maybe even the B.

    But anyway yeah.

    Load 'em up. Tell me if You're interested.
  2. Whoa.. I'd love to be in it. I could be a transgender or pansexual or something??
  3. Why of course. Anything goes. I mean it's your character after all.
  4. I mean I might have to make a rule. There most definitely cannot be like five transgender people, because that isn't realistic at all. I would know. I'd have to draw the line a two possibly even three.
  5. Bump, just to see for any last minute entries.

    I don't have many interested it looks like, but I'm going to post on the OOC forum just to see.
  6. Id be definitely interested in playing, However usually I play with one character and stay in character and that is Rein Falkarie. Except she is Bisexual and I would be interested in role playing her in this idea!
  7. Yeah Sure. That's fine. I'm putting up the OOC thread as soon as possible.