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I just enjoy doing this idea with different people because someone always adds some different flavor to it. That and I like to be as busy with RP's as possible.

So here's kind of the basic overview. There's a lot more detail and such, but let's see who's interested first...

The M-Verse is shorthand for the alternate universe that all Music Masters exist in. This parallel universe is very much like ours, with the major difference being the existence of the Soundscape; another dimension where all music takes on physical form. Among the millions of people living across the world, hundreds of thousands of Music Masters dwell among them. A Music Master is a human being with the ability to Harmonize with any song that they can hear; this intense visualization can create a "song effect", which is a random superhuman power unique to that Music Master. They can be any kind of power imaginable, but they are usually very strange, colorful, and often surreal.

Music Masters can exist mostly in part of Zero Beat, which is a powerful organization of Music Masters that functions as a mixture of the CIA, FBI and the Men In Black. They have direct ties with the real world music industry, so their influence and resources are vast. Through maintaining shaky alliances with prominent world governments, and using lethal force, memory manipulation, bribery and cover-ups, Zero Beat has managed to keep Music Masters a secret from the modern world at large for almost seventy years.

So yes. I always have fun RPing with this when people really get into it. :tongue:


But does he know about second breakfast?
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It isn't often I see music rps.

When I do...well I am here aren't I? =)


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Are you still looking for one of these? xD I just joined today, going through the threads from least recent to most recent, so... Yeah. c:

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I'd like to do this one with you as well oAo owo if im not too late