An RP about magic users.

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  1. Hello and welcome!

    This particular role play will be centered on, as the title says, magic users.

    So far, I have four types of magic users.

    Magic Users;

    Wizards; They gain their magic by having magic in their blood... for example, Merlin, from the stories of King Arthur, was half demon. Overuse of their magic can tire them out, and even damage them.

    Sorcerers; They gain their abilities by learning them over years of study. Big Hat Logan from dark souls is a good example, he was a character who became famous for his study of sorcery. This can cause insanity if not used carefully.

    Witches/Warlocks; They are granted their powers by making sacrifices to demons. A good example would be the three witches from Macbeth. To become a Witch/Warlock, one must sacrifice their soul, then to use spells, they must sacrifice alchemical ingredients.

    Clerics; They rely on whatever their patron deity is in order to use their spells. The disadvantage here is that they have to truly believe they can cast the spell they need. One bit of doubt... and it won't work.

    Questions or suggestions about magic users or the nature of magic are appreciated.

    I'm still thinking up a plot, suggestions for the plot ate appreciated as well.
  2. Sounding intresting
  3. Love it. Though my most common Magic-User character is inspired by Tamora Pierce and is a Wild Mage like Tamora's character Diane, who is a Half-Goddess. I've read The Immortals saga at least three times.
  4. I would be interested as well.
  5. I would play a sorc
  6. Interested.
  7. I could be interested, depending on the plot. =)
  8. I really like the ideas behind each magic user
  9. Please tag me if you ever get one up, as i'm taking the tread off my watch list to clear clutter.
  10. Well, I have a idea.

    (The non-specific term for any magic user will be mage.)

    A fierce rivalry between two factions of mages has sprung up. The leaders of the two factions were close friends, but an argument over an extremely powerful artifact has caused them to try to take it for themselves.

    Is this good?
  11. Sounds good to me.
  12. I like the idea, since it allows for an interesting mechanic:

    The faction with the artifact could gain an innate advantage. Let's say the artifact essentially boosts the power of the mages of the faction who holds it. This means the faction without it will be at a definite and known disadvantage in terms of raw power, forcing them to be more crafty and creative when combating the faction holding the artifact.
  13. And, to be fair, the artifact may switch hands many times.
  14. Exactly :)
  15. Sign ups will be up tomorrow.
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  16. Did someone say "Merlin"?
  17. Yes.
  18. Well I'm sold.
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