An RP about Humans and A.I.

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Well, I've had an idea.

Essentially a dystopian world in which robots live among humans. I still need a plot, but I have a setting figured out.

A nuclear scuffle occurred in 2045, and humanity was lucky enough to not be destroyed. However, a few bombs that were shot down in the atmosphere ruined the internet, and the robots that were once controlled by transmissions find themselves free.

(Biotech is a synthetic material of artificially made tissue that can form flesh, bone, and muscle. It requires a nutrient paste in lieu of blood. Said paste is either clear or grey, depending on how much nutients are in it. It has to be replaced once a week. It is weaker than Irontech, but can self repair.)

(Irontech simply refers to machinery as it is now, electricity and metal and wires. It is marvellously strong, but is unappealing to the eye and can not self repair.)

(Robotics can be either exposed or covered with synthetic skin. Synthetic skin is similar to Biotech, but only requires nutrient paste to regenerate.)

Types of characters.

Full Human;
Self explanatory.

Biotech Cybernetic;
Small amounts of Biotech present. Usually to replace limbs.

Irontech Cybernetic;
Small amounts of Irontech present. Usually to replace limbs.

Biotech Cyborg;
Full body conversion, brain is now filtered with nutrient paste as well.

Irontech Cyborg;
Full body conversion. Brain is filtered with nutrient paste, but connected to a Irontech body.

Biotech Android;
Humanoid robot with Biotech "brain."

Irontech Android;
Humanoid robot with intelligence chip.

Questions and suggestions are encouraged and appreciated.
Not open for further replies.