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  1. There are always ways to make a living. Ranchers, bar owners, bartenders, waitresses, cowboys, mailmen, sheriffs, mine workers, hell, you can even make money being a prostitute in the Wild West. But, what's the fun in that?

    Now, being an outlaw is definitely the fun way to go. 'Course, it has its risks. If you step in on another outlaw's turf, you're as good as dead. The sheriff always gunning for you, not having any true allies, having to live off your own resourcefulness, it's one of the toughest things to do. Therefor, it takes the toughest of people to do it.

    This story will take place in and around the town of Colbalt. I have drawn up a horrible looking map to help me explain the area.

    (If you'd like to redraw the map, pm me.)

    The town of Cobalt has your necessities. Sheriff's office, church, general store, saloons, gambling halls, recreational activities... Whatever you might fancy.

    The life blood of Cobalt comes trickling out from the mountains to the north. That's also where the railroad comes in from. The railroad actually ends in Cobalt, too. But, back to the mountains. Silver Creek flows down into Claw Lake, and Coal River branches off of it and rolls into the Prairie Lands, where most people raise cattle or have farmland.

    There is one exception, because Tilly Raine breeds, trains, and sells horses. You need the toughest female feline south of the mountains? You go knock on Tilly's door.

    The highlands are where coyotes, buffalo, antelope, and deer run amuck. Good hunting, if you make a living that way.

    South of Tilly's, the Shintoba Indians make their homeland. They're generally peaceful people, some even frequent the gambling halls. Sometimes they do cause some trouble, as they sometimes help out the worst outlaw in the west, Rowan. His hideout is somewhere in the hills west of Claw lake. No one's survived in those hills to confirm it.

    To the south, the Lost Desert spreads on for hundreds of miles, uninhabitable and impossible to survive in. The same goes for the Lost Lands.

    Do you think you can survive in this tough climate? Go ahead and try!

    When you post here in the IC thread, please include a picture of your character and his/her name. Otherwise your post will be ignored. Also, put your character in the OOC that way we can see them!
  2. Finally, a Wild West RP! Gimme a little while to come up with a character...

    Name: Abe Housten
    Age: 33

    Name: Owen Housten
    Age: 30

    They live on their small property between Rowan's Hills and Claw lake. How do they pay to get by?
    By pilfering, of course. Unbeknownst to their neighbours, brothers will travel for miles and either ambush travelers on the road, or bust into their farms at night. The beauty of the plan is they do not operate locally. In Cobalt, Abe hunts in the hills with his coon hound. Owen helps out at the Cobalt Saloon.
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  3. (Send me a link to the OOC and I'll post a character!)
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