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  1. The Plot (open)

    The Gifted & The Cursed
    Chapter 1: Origins

    Humans, a fragile race. You know their origins, they came from apes, to slightly less hairy apes. You've read their history in books, but there is a chapter of human history that nobody has read of. This chapter is, however, not found in books, or scrolls, or tablets. But in the stars. A message is written in the stars, in an ancient lost language our minds cannot comprehend. However, there are ones who can read the message; the ones who wrote it. This is what they wrote:

    "Long before humans can read, write, or speak, there was a war between two more highly advanced empires. The Magnus, beings made of seemingly 'spiritual' energy, who ruled over man like gods, creating what we call 'magic.' And the Advens, creatures who had appearances of 'aliens' or 'mutants'. Some were called monsters, while others being called kings or messiahs. The difference between the two were that the Magnus believed in the magical and spiritual energies, and used them to sustain their empire. While the Advens believed in scientific advances to sustain their own empire.

    The thing they had in common; they both wanted planet Earth. War broke out, as humans were experimented on with either magic or science, creating wizards and mutants to fill their armies. The world was shifted and manipulated to create their desired battleground. Eventually, the two came to a standing point.

    They then wrote a message in the stars, and abandoned the early-mankind. However, the magical energies still seep through the Earth, causing unpredictable things. And the chemicals and technology left by the Advens still lay on this world like relics in a pyramid. Now, why did they write this message you ask? The Prophets saw a vision, a vision of a future where mankind takes a large step forward thanks to their curiosity, foolishness, and most of all, the war between Magnus and Adven. By the time you read this message, it has already begun. The time of change has come; The time of Origins"

    Our story takes place in the year 2018, not too far from our own time, but not too close either. Society has found a way to deal with these new 'metas,' people/creatures/things that have had contact with either a magical energy or advanced scientific technologies/chemicals. Though their numbers are small, each are very powerful and different. Some have come to a life of heroism and justice, secretly or openly punishing the bad. Others however, have decided to take their hand at a life of villainy and crime.

    So is anyone interested? I was planning on the plot to be very open to the Roleplayers, with a very open setting as well. Lots of arcs were gonna be included, being split up as "chapters." With this new setting, you can also be very odd things, like robots that were used as experiments on Adven technology, or animals that have been given sentience and mutated by the Adven chemicals or Magnus. The possibilities are endless.
  2. I'd be up for it!
  3. I'll make the actual thread once I get at least 2 more interests.
  4. I'd be happy to take part in a superhero roleplay.
  5. The second interested party is here!
  6. I'm interested in participating in a superhero roleplay. Maybe I could try being someone's nemesis this time; I've never tried that.
  7. Sweet! Ill get to work on the thread either tonight or tomorrow

    @AAB you can be the nemesis of another's char if you want, you can even be a major villain for a story arc if you want
  8. I don't think I could play a major villain. :) It's tough to play a villain; I need some practice.
  9. Sorry, I'm gonna have to create the thread tomorrow instead. I was really busy all weekend. Don't worry, I haven't given up on this!

    Edit: Also, note I am planning on rewriting the plot when I make the actual thread.
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  10. I would gladly join, I have a few mutant characters locked in my vault of journals
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