An open investment

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  1. Long term 1x1 libertine partner.

    This has been a personal hope of mine for quite a long time. basically I'm looking for long-term partner; one who can post casually throughout the day. If you have a hectic life and little time, this isn't meant for you--I'm looking for someone that can post at the very least three times a day.

    When I say long-term partner, I very much mean /long/. Think of this as a contract you might sign before getting a full time job; or the terms and conditions before you download some suspicious .exe file you find on the Internet. Below I will write what you can expect from me as well as what I expect from you.

    If you have anymore questions of which I might not have gone over--feel free to pm me, I'd be more than happy to answer.


    Availability : Since I've started my semester, I won't be on as frequently as I might have been say two weeks ago but I'm still very much available. If I ever reply in the morning--I'm either terribly ill or snowed in. Other than that; I'm only on evenings and for the most part all day on weekends.

    I'll do well to inform you if I'm going out with friends or have some sort of family emergency I need to attend (both are very seldom; don't worry I have no life whatsoever)

    Posting speed: it takes me a good 18 to 25 minutes to get up a full fledged post. grammar in tact and all. If you ever see me dip into the thirties or forties; I'm either writing you a big ass response, taking a big ass dump, or eating a big ass meal. If I'm eating I'll usually tell you so. If I take longer than an hour feel free to send me an OOC pm and make sure I'm alive because sometimes I forget to check responses if I'm in the middle of something (I like to multitask)

    Platform: I usually write on my laptop but just two days ago--my poor baby broke down; bless her hard drive. I dropped her on the linoleum of my kitchen floor and she absolutely shattered. So unfortunately, I'll be reduced to either my iPod or my smart phone. But on the upside; I'm a ridiculously fast typer on touch screens, if anything you'll be getting more responses. Really the only downside is I have to rely on my email notification system to tell me you've responded.

    Role: I tend to play males, I /prefer/ to play males, and I am always the dominant. No, you can not sweet talk me into playing submissive--my heart may be weak but no amount of buttering up will put me in that role..okay maybe if you beg. **also note I do not use anime physics whatsoever so when it comes to choosing characters--real people please.

    Sexual Orientation: I absolutely request that this be a mxm roleplay. No it is not a necessity but I would very much prefer it to be Male x Male. I /can/ do female x male or female x female--but before you ask me; take note that it is absolutely not my preference..but I suppose if you're that taken with me.

    Writing level: Writing is extremely important to me; I pride myself on my writing and I pride myself of my capabilities. I request that you be some form of Adept or Advanced and up before you take this 'contract' into consideration. I promise you things will not work out well if our writing style and level are not compatible.

    Writing Style: I write in paragraph format, absolutely nothing less than three paragraphs unless we're running low on action and you've been good this far. I expect quality over quantity anyway. No text talk, no chat like formatting.

    OOC: I very much enjoy OOC chat, I just like talking to people and I think that building a stronger connection outside of the rp would only make our rp strengthen. Plus points if you like corny jokes and cheesy one liners because I love to laugh.

    Bedroom Rules: No scat, no water games, no non-con or dub-con, no furries, no m-preg, and absolutely no omega/alpha dynamics.

    Hell yes to daddy kinks, loads of dirty talk, spanking, teasing, and pretty much anything not listed as a hell no.

    Fandoms: Id like to to be an OC universe Roleplay and you and I would personally build it from the ground up BUT if you're interested in any of these fan pairings--we can definitely work with it. I put a star next to the character I'd be playing.
    -*Tony Stark x Loki
    -*Dean x Castiel
    -*Hannibal x Will Graham
    -Chuck x *Casey
    -Harry Potter x *Draco Malfoy
    -*Sherlock x John Watson

    Allllright. Now that we've got all that crap out of the way--I'm assuming if you've made it this far; you like what I've had to say.

    As I final note I should mention that this isn't a multi-partner contract. Because of school and because of my job--I can only really handle one partner as of this moment and it will probably be that way until the summer when I go on vacation. This is the most important thing to me right now so I'm assuming if you reach out to me you're just as serious as I am.

    If this post is still open--I'm still looking for a partner. If you're interested--drop me a pm introducing yourself and please don't just say "hey". Also plus points if you include your favorite song in your introduction.

    After we're /officially/ made partners and after a couple of days of interaction. You'll receive my phone number, and my personal email. Use them for absolute /emergencies/--and yes, once in a while, calling to ask what type of sandwich you should buy can be an emergency.

    Also I'm looking for people I don't already know, new faces, new friendships, new partnerships. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon--peace.