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  1. Well. Really however you want it to. I am open to ideas.
  2. I gusse we can do something supernatral like we always been doing but different polt
  3. I am ok with that. Do you want to make the plot?
  4. good girl meets bad boy type??
  5. It isn't a bad idea but I don't have any bad boy types.
  6. i have many ideas..... Angel meets demon...... umm Vampire meets Werewolf...... good person meets vampire? XD list goes on and on
  7. Sounds like fun. I have a supernatural male that is known as a Blood Fiend. There can only be 6 of them in the universe at any time and they are capable of manipulating blood to do literally anything.
  8. whats a blood friend?
  9. Something I created that can control blood to do anything they wish.
  10. sounds cool since you made this intreasting character you start
  11. Blake was sitting atop a hill in the pale moonlight. His black hair and clothes blew a little in the small and soft wind that was blowing by. His eyes were closed as he thought of the world and who he was. But...who was he?
  12. I will answer your reply when I have time.
  13. alright may have to go soon anyways school tomorrow >.>

    Alice gaps and raised up. her brown hair behind her. her face dripped of sweat and her clothing felt sticky. tonight is going to be another sleepless night because of a dark dream she has been having. of blood and a boy with dark hair. she sighed again and got up from her bed to grab a glass of coco before going back to bed once more. "its getting worse then before, more blood and more death. as if something going to happen" she mumbled to herself. luckily she going to see that woman tomorrow to talk about her dreams and everything. her parents started to take her to the woman since she started this dream. which was when she was little. it scared she so much she cried in her sleep and her father and mother would have to sleep with her. that was when she was young.
  14. He smiled and lay down on the grass placing his hands behind his head as he slowly became lost in thought, "I wonder...." he smiled softly then a look of confusion crossed his face a picture of a girl with brown hair popped into his head, "Who are you?" he quietly whispered to himself as he closed his eyes and realized it was like a memory like it was playing back from some lost time or a past life. He wasn't sure and had no way of telling, but......he was certain of one thing. He was supposed to find this girl and possibly he could figure out about his past from before he turned 19. Every memory he had before then was gone and he felt maybe she was a link to those past memories. He closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep waiting for the next day to come to see if he could find this girl.
  15. Alice looked at the time to see it was around 2 in the morning and knew she was not going to fall a sleep anytime soon. so she got dress in to her joggers and pain red tank. thinking about getting ready for her track today. she is running down her starts and grabbing her key and left her home for her morning jog. she started to slow down when it came to a hill and watched as the sun slowly started to rise from the shadows of the earth. "so lovely." she said. her town is full of hills it mostly surrounds the small town.
  16. Blake opened his eyes and viewed the sunrise in serenity. Sitting up he noticed movement at the bottom of the hill. Standing up he squints his eyes their orange tint covered by black shine a little in the rising sunlight, "Who is that?" as the person starts to come closer he turns away and runs behind a nearby tree to catch a glimpse of the person as they run by.
  17. Alice ran by the tree Blake was behind not noticing him of coures and slowly came to a stop to catch her breath. "godes that was a good run" she said wiping some sweat for her forhead. she sat down after a while and injoyed the view of the sun rise. 5 in the morning (where i live sunrises around then) she knew she need to get back to her home soon but she was going to injoy it for now. closing her eyes she let the rising sun hit her pale yet tand skin.
  18. He watched in silence listening to her soft voice. When he looked around the tree to look at her he stifled a gasp when he realized she looked exactly like the girl from his vision. He quickly hid behind the tree again hoping she didn't hear him.
  19. Alice's eyes opend at a the sound of someone gasping. she got up slowly looking around. "H-hello? I-is someone there?" she called out to who ever was there. "Show your self I-I know how to kick a man 3x my size butt" she lied but she was sure the man didnt know. well she hoped so
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