An Old Rivalry Made Anew

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  1. The door to room D-28 swung open, and for a brief moment, Gold and his mother were allowed some peace amidst the whooping and hollering of the rest of Gold's future classmates. The students at this new school were far more rambuncious than his mother would have liked, but in Gold's eyes it would make for a fun school year. When his old school had closed down due to lack of enrollments, for his senior year he had to go somewhere else entirely. That was when his parents found out about some prestigious new boarding school across the ocean where a majority of the other boys had switched to.

    So here we was, setting his giant suitcase on one of the two beds in the dorm. It looked like his roommate wasn't here yet, which meant he got first choice. As his mother started listing off all the typical parental advice, Gold pretended to listen, instead thinking about the year ahead. The classes probably wouldn't be that hard, would they? And the other guys would probably be cool to hang around with. Speaking of, his roommate. What was he going to be like? Maybe he was from a completely different part of the world than he was!



    His mother looked into his eyes, both pairs sharing a golden color, though his nother's were less than amused. "What was the last thing I said?"

    Uh-oh. "" She laughed, now softened. "Be careful-I don't want to get any reports that my son is a troublemaker. Don't let the fact that it's your Senior year get in the way of everything else." She kissed his cheek and pulled him into a motherly embrace. "I'm going to muss you so much..."

    "Geez, mom, I'll be fine! It's not like this is my first time at a boarding school!" He pulled away and wiped his cheek, but still smiled at her. He would miss his mom from time to time, but this would be a great year. She smiled and laughed, making her way to the door. "I love you, sweetheart. Have a good year." And with that, Gold was alone again.

    Now on his own, the black-haired boy took off his old baseball cap and set it on the nightstand as he took a seat on his bed. "Maybe I should unpack..." he thought aloud. Then he chuckled and used both hands to shove the suitcase off his bed, lying down. This could very well be the best Senior year known to man.
  2. Silver had literally been in the dormitory no more than a minute, and his brow was already ticking in irritation. These people were so damn loud. The redhead shifted the large duffle bag over his shoulder and continued down the hall, bypassing several rowdy male students he didn't really care to be acquainted with.

    Alone and annoyed, the teen came to a stop outside of room D-28. His silver hued eyes rose to look at the number as he adjusted the crimson bangs falling in his face. His shoulder-length hair was pulled back into a short ponytail, just to make moving about easier. Considering the wide open door, his roommate had already arrived. Hopefully the guy wasn't an agitator.

    With a deep sigh, he stepped into the room, briefly eyeing the figure splayed on one of the beds before walking over to the free one. The heavy bag was dropped at the foot of his bed and he turned to look at the oddly familiar guy that he assumed was he his roommate. His eyes narrowed in on him, but he was yet to say anything. Silver wasn't the friendliest of people, so proper greetings were pretty much out. But..who was this guy? He could swear he knew him.

    "Hey, you got a name?" The redhead broke the silence, turning to look at the other, right hand poised at his hip. "And I swear to god, if you give me some sarcastic remark, I'll have to punch you." Rude? Maybe. But that's Silver for you, not the nicest in the bunch.
  3. Not even five minutes after Gold had settled into his room, the door swung open forcefully, revealing his new roommate. As he sat up, the golden eyed tren studied the redhead, groaning inwardly. This guy had an attitide, huh? He didn't seem to be the kind of dude you'd expect to be any fun. Gold could see it now: yelling to turn the music down, snide remarks every other minute...not cool at all.

    And yet...he looked pretty familiar-it wasn't every day you met a guy with bright red hair and gray eyes, anyway. The scowl on his face...Gold could've sworn he'd seen it somewhere before. It couldn't way, he hadn't seen that dude in years!

    Gold narrowed his eyes to match scowl for scowl, already liking his new roommate even less. "Course I got a name," he replied evenly. "I'm Gold." Well, time to see if his fears were unfounded. "You're name isn't...Silver, is it?"
  4. His body instantly tensed upon hearing his name. It was exactly who he thought. And he was his roommate of all people..Silver groaned inwardly and hefted his bag right back over his shoulder. Unfortunately, he was a grudge-holder, and Gold was no exception.

    "It is, actually," he frowned as he straightened up, gaze turning to a glare. "And its wonderful to see you again." Silver added sarcastically as he moved back towards the door. Yes, he was going to leave. This didn't need to be anymore of a nightmare. "Don't worry though. I'll get my room changed ASAP."
  5. Of course it was Silver. The one bastard who could make anything 100 times worse just by opening his mouth. Gold was hoping that by moving away he'd never have to deal with the redhead again. Obviously he was wrong, he realized as he crossed his arms.

    "Don't let the door hit you on the way out," he said coldly, glaring daggers at the other boy's back. Normally he was easygoing around just about anyone, but Silver was different-he had no patience for tge guy whatsoever. And no way was he going to share a room with that jerk, not for a whole year.
  6. Silver's lip curled back in a sneer as he glanced over his shoulder one last time. "Charming as ever, aren't you?" On that note, he swung the door shut behind himself and stormed off to the office to get this situation sorted out.

    Much to the dismay of probably both of them, Silver was right back where he started hours later, sometime after dinner. Apparently no rooms were open, or the people who ran this place just didn't feel like dealing with him. Tch, probably the latter. Silver sighed as he shoved the key in the jam and unlocked the door before stepping inside. Time to enjoy a lovely night with jabber-mouth Gold.
  7. Gold had stayed in his room after dinner, planning to rest up for when classes began the next day. Silently he wondered how Silver's plans to change rooms was going. You couldn't help but pity the poor guy who got stuck with that jackass, Gold personally wouldn't envy him one bit.

    As he heard the key in the door he stood up, grinning with anticipation for his new roommate. But, seeing the familiar face in the doorframe the grin was wiped clean off his face, especially when seeing that Silver still had the duffel bag. "What," he said, not hiding the sulky tone in his voice. "Did nobody want to bask in your sunny disposition?"
  8. "Nobody except you, apparently. It looks almost like you were waiting for me." A slight smirk curved his lips as he swept his bangs to the side and stalked over to his own bunk. This wasn't exactly great for him either. "I had a feeling you missed me, but that's not really necessary." Sarcasm practically dripped from his tone, of course.

    Silver dropped his bag onto the bed once again, this time unzipping it and beginning to unpack. He didn't see a reason to procrastinate; besides, he liked to be neat.
  9. "Yes, I was lying in wait, praying to every deity imaginable that you would come back for me," Gold replied, rolling his eyes and slumping back on his bed. Two could play the snark game, and Gold could be pretty smarmy when provoked. Silver happened to be good at pressing his buttons, even back when they were kids.

    Of course that priss was unpacking-he never knew the definition of relaxing, unlike yours truly. "You know you have all year to unpack, right?"
  10. "Oh, I know you were," Silver retorted as he bent down to stow away some items beneath bed, like shoes and things. Dealing with the closet wasn't something he was looking forward to.

    The redhead glanced over at Gold and rolled his eyes, then straightened up. "You know, some of us aren't lazy like certain people." Obviously, that was directed at Gold. Silver didn't see why he'd wait so long just to unpack some belongings.
  11. Gold watched him, keeping his eyes narrowed at his old rival. It was clear that they were on the fine line between rival and enemy, much like when they'd fought seven years ago, didn't matter.

    Rolling his eyes, he retorted sarcastically, "Well excuse me for not seeing the need to store things away like no tomorrow. What are you doing down there, hunting for your nonexistant masculinity?"
  12. "Excuse me?" Silver snapped his head in Gold's direction, glaring daggers at the male as he scowled. There was nothing he hated more than being compared to a girl because his hair was long. "You want to come over here and see how masculine I am? Doubt you'll be singing the same tune when I beat you to a pulp."
  13. Oh-ho, so Mr. High-and-Mighty wanted to fight now, huh? "Is that a challenge?" Gold dared, standing up and staring Silver down. "Please tell me it is-I've been wanting to take you down for a long time." Seriously, who did this guy think he was? If he wanted a fight, he was going to have one.
  14. "I'd like to see you try." Silver pressed, stopping what he was doing and stepping over to Gold. He grasped the front of his shirt tightly, yanking him forward, teeth gritted as he glared at the other. "You sure you don't want to crawl back in bed with your tail between your legs?"
  15. "Oh please," Gold growled, gold eyes boring into silver ones. He pointed a threatening finger under Silver's jaw. "I was always better than you when we were kids, and I'm not about to lose to you now!"
  16. That's all he needed to hear. His fist aimed right for Gold's nose, somewhere very, very deep down hoping he didn't break it. He almost stalled, too, but he had too much pride and anger for that. "That might be so, but we're not kids anymore."
  17. The blow connected, sending the other boy staggering back a step. Gold grunted, covering his nose with his hand, then brought it down and charged towards Silver, aiming a punch at whatever he could hit. All bets were off now-they were in battle. And no way was he planning on losing to Silver.
  18. Silver grunted before steadied himself after a fist connected with his stomach. He didn't waste anytime in lunging for Gold, tackling the other boy to the bedroom floor. Silver pinned his arms above his head with a scowl. "Not so big and bad now, are you?"
  19. "Urgh!" Damn, Silver was stronger than he remembered. Gold started thrashing around, attempting to break loose. "Don't look so smug," he warned through gritted teeth. "It's not over yet!"
  20. "I have every right to look smug, weakling." Silver sneered, leaning forward so more of his weight was holding the thrashing Gold down. "And apparently, it is over. You're pinned, idiot."