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  1. Okay I won't be asking you to write me a full on ode with the three stanzas but this is what I want from you.

    1. The ode is a dedication or you chirping about something, and the subject of your poem is going to be an inanimate object, like a pillow or glasses. Figurative stuff will not work, so you can't talk about sleep or love because those aren't inanimate objects.
    2. The goal in this poem is to not only tell me why you love this object, but you have to in some way personify the object a.k.a. give it some human quality. (But don't make it completely human.) An example could be how the tulips in your yard are gazing back at you.
    3. Your lines have to be brief, no long winded lines in this poem. If your poem feels irregular or unusual, that's fine. This is how it's supposed to feel.
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  2. From a
    wind-swept seed,
    it was born.
    With the hides
    of spotted cows and pigs,
    it was wrapped.
    The pages glow with
    a dull sheen of
    yellow and gold;
    the leather is dyed
    a dark red and is
    imprinted with
    words of inspiration.
    Threaded with silken lines
    ideas and thoughts,
    this journal
    comes alive
    when the hands of
    a creator
    brush the crimson tips,
    touch the fine paper,
    infuse the blankness
    with raw emotion and
    Let them paint the open
    Let them write the crazy
    Let them sculpt the abstract
    Let them fill the empty
    with bright lights
    of imagination,
    of life,
    of death,
    of despair,
    of hope.
    Let them see the
    of creation;
    the majesty of
    the tenderness of
    The creators make the
    what they
    need it to be.
    It is the gateway
    to worlds
    that do not exist.
    It is the key
    to the door
    of your imaginative mind.
    It is the boat
    that sails the sea
    of ink and blood
    from which you were
    It is the spark
    that ignites
    the fires of creation;
    of life.
    From a seed and
    the hides of calves,
    it was born.
    From the inky swells
    coated with the blood
    of life,
    you were created.
    You and this blank
    join forces
    to create
    and prove
    that life
    can be
    crafted from
    a blank page.

    ((Fairly certain this is the right format, given this was how I did it for my creative writing class. e_e This is based on the red leather journal I was given for Christmas by my mother.))
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  3. Nights so
    Nights so
    But hear you are
    My head
    you hold.
    You cradle
    my dreams
    Keeping them safe.
    You welcome me to bed
    Without any
    Years pass,
    many may climb in
    You stay
    over those years
    You have
    seen all the tears
    You have heard
    all my fears
    You have still stayed
    over these years
    Some may say
    you have no choice
    You are an
    inanimate object with no voice
    I say they are wrong
    For all these years here
    you are still soft and strong
    You have helped me
    keep holding on.
    So Ode to my pillow
    the truest
    of friends
    From my nightmares,
    you always
    help me defend

    ((first time writing an ode. hope this is at least close to the right format.))
  4. Everytime I touch you.
    We share a connection.
    When we become one,I feel brand new.
    As you softly whisper to my heart.
    You feel what I feel.
    Nothing in the world could ever keep us apart.
    You sing our sweet song for the world to hear.
    Love in every note.
    With such beauty to the ear.
    You always smile at me.
    Even when I'm sad.
    The white of your keys like ivory.
    Your wooden body so strong.
    Your color stained with cherry.
    I could stay with you all day,and night long.
    You're an instrument of beauty.
    You allow self expression.
    When I'm with you I feel so free.
    Dear friend I love you so.
    You always understand.
    From the bottom of my heart,ode to the piano.

    (I hope I did that right.I tried my best since this is my first ode too.If the format is wrong let me know and I'll do my best to change it.Also I really love playing the piano.I also love writing poems.I couldn't resist posting. ^^ )
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  5. Rushing, rushing, you never sleep
    Why must I come here, when must I weep
    Is it my hope that you hold
    Is it the prayer I may fold
    General waves, lapping brook
    All my happiness you have took
    Yet as I stand, I find I can not cry
    Nor can I tell you good bye
    Wrap me in your cold embrace
    Because life is but a race
    A race I may never win
    A race to where I've already been
    So laugh and giggle with glee
    It is you who set me free
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