An odd request... (Craving M/M)

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  1. Alright so, I'm an artist. I'm also a writer, but I like to draw a little more than I write. So. For this request, I want to try something I've never done In RP form before.
    On My Part, I would like to try out replies in the form of a One page comic, or more, depending on how much I am willing to draw.
    On your part, you can draw, if you'd like, or simply write a paragraph if you aren't an artist.

    Since this is such an odd request, I encourage you to pitch Ideas of your own that you would like to do, though I do have ONE condition. Absolutely. No. Fandoms. Fan Characters, Maybe. Licensed characters, No.

    And if I'm going to be drawing your character as we RP, I'm going to need a picture that Is either a face claim, or a vivid description. Because I don't want to feel awkward drawing anything that doesn't belong to you.

    I don't have Plots, But I do have a small amount Parings I'd be Willing to fumble around with. Again, This is totally experimental. I am Craving M/M, but you may Suggest M/F if you really like any of these parings.

    Prince/Bodyguard (fantasy setting, most likely)
    Stray "cat"/house "cat". (Nekos.)
    Necromancer/Re-animated person. (Most likely huge time gap.)
  2. Hello, I'm not an artist, but your idea sounds very interesting. If the spot is still open, I would like to give it a try.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.