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  1. Ok so I have been watching a lot of god and goddesses shows lately and want to do something based off of that and so have made a little idea out of it....

    Naida was chosen as a child to be a servant to the goddess of Artemis. She has served her Goddess faithfully and has chosen the life of purity, meaning she will never know the touch of man.

    I am needing someone who can play a god that is ruthless, maybe he is the god of war? He always gets his way and falls deeply in love with Naida. I am in need of someone who can be forceful. I am thinking that maybe he spots Naida at a feast thrown for all the gods and goddess, though she doesn't know who he really is. He gets angry when she refuses his advances and decides he will have her even if he has to force himself onto her. It is not enough for him to have her just once, he decides he will take her to his home.

    We can discuss this further and if you have more ideas about this plot or have a god plot I am all ears!
  2. I would be willing to play the part if you haven't found another person for it.
  3. Sweet! Do you have any questions?
  4. SOrry it took me so long to answer, holidays got all kinds of messed up with family coming in early. Are you still open for this rp?
  5. Ah its ok and yes I am still open on this idea.
  6. Awesome. I deeply apologize. Family decided to pop up out of nowhere without telling me lol. Would You like me to send you a CHaracter Outline?
  7. Lol I so understand that! And yes please.
  8. Ok, I will send that Momentarily.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.