An obsession with pens.


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Just like my obsession with FONTS for making graphics and such, I also really like PENS. Sharpees in a million colors with ultra fine tips. Gel Pens with Glitter Ink. Glowy Ink. Especially around holiday time when I send out cards. >:D

Does anyone else share a pen obsession? Collecting a million of the things in rainbow colors? Doodling all over everything with a writable surface? Annoying employers and relatives with oddly colored notes?
no, pens disapper in the army too quickly to really worry about getting anything but the plain cheap black ones.
I actually have a set of calligraphy pens. They're fun as hell to write with; no matter your bad cursive, it comes out epic looking, like some letter from 1837!
Its a common curse among doctors that, despite how big our white coat pockets are, we always lose pens.
Dude, I love pens. I even have a variety of colours so I can write my homework in a colour coded fashion in my notebook. The ones that click are awesome boredom killers... Me, my buddy and my boyfriend used to annoy our Japanese teacher with them when he was giving a boring lecture. We'd even make songs out of that noise. XD
A friend of my uncles made a gun pen. Ballistics were shit but the point was being up close before you fired anyway so whatever. I wouldn't mind one of those lol.
I have calligraphy pans too, the kind that you dip int an ink pot. Well they're my dad's but still..

And to answer diana'a question: No
I don't go nuts over most pens, but give me a pigment pen, preferably a 005, and I'll do ANYTHING.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanything? Even allow me the pleasure of kidnapping OK and delivering his gagged and bound on you doorstep in the middle of the night so that you may attend Cor's and my ceremony as a couple?
Makin arts was how I made my living for a I racked up a pretty huge amount of pens. Some of them were for writing on different surfaces, like clay and metal and stuff...I didn't actually get into calligraphy but I sure got into fountain pens and brushes...had a whole little box of all kinds of nibs. One of my old professors bought me this box set of Koh-I-noor pens as a gift...I knew how fucking expensive those things were so I used them only sparingly and like they were made of glass...I really need some cleaner for those though cuz I neglected one & when I went back to it, it was stuck shut :(

So yeah, I've got boxes and bags and cases of pens, brushes & inks...but no ballpoint pens. I seriously fucking lose those all the goddamn time. It's like somebody is stealing them!...and so I am forced to steal them from other people...and so the cycle continues...

If someone wanted me to not punch their face in though, they'd buy me a set of art pens :3

I doodle on everything...and as for colors...nothing beats basic black.

But fuck you, Diana. I hate gel pens & sharpies.
This reminds me back in the day when the big craze were those gellyroll pens! Everyone had to have a ton of them in every color imaginable and people would write in them for book reports and junk and then finally the teachers got pissed at us and we had to stick with blue or black and we could only use the other colors for like projects and stuff when we wanted everything to look all neat XD

Anyways, I love gel pens for writing, just like how it looks better then ball-point, plus they don't run dry randomly so I spend 20 minutes trying to restart the ink. Unfortunately I'm left handed so writing is a major pain for me because I constantly smear everything that I'm writing...
Man, I remember that...The teachers tried to bitch me out about my pens, thinking they were gellyrollers instead of just plain ink. J-just cuz they L-LOOKED different didn't mean they were B-BAD...;_;
Black paper and gel pens were my note taking best friend in science class!
I came here, thinking it was a thread about male genitalia.

Holy shit.
I like pens a lot, my especial favorites are the copic markers. They've got so much potential ;__;

My personal obsession is socks. I adore them, I like knee high socks the best, I have such awesome pairs as black knee highs with thick red stripes and a white pair with thin rainbow stripes down it. I also adore trouser socks, they're so satiny and luxuriant for being just socks x_x

*rages at copics for being so expensive*