An MxM Request: Bloodlust -A Vampire x Blood Slave Roleplay-

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  1. Bloodlust Frame.png
    Bloodlust Frame.png
    Vampire X Blood Slave
    Needed Role -- Blood Slave

    Drama, action, vampires, dark themes. -- Possible -- Romance, horror, mental illness.

    May Containt
    Bondage, rape, BDSM, kinks.
    Bloodlust Frame.png
    For weeks now you have found yourself immobile in a land of darkness. Against the skin of your neck, you've grown accustomed to the cool feeling of a steel collar. Your arms and feet too have fallen victim to this metallic imprisonment, keeping you from moving around much at all. You're only capable of producing small squirms to move you from place to place, but even then what's the point? You discovered weeks ago that your trapped inside of a small cage, one that your far too weak to break out from. You've been rendered helpless in the clutches of steel and chains, trapped into a den of darkness and silence. A heavy cloth tied around your eyes prevents you from seeing anything. While you can here, there has been little sound in this room ever since the day you were imprisoned here with the exception of footsteps every dawn, noon, and dusk. It is during these times that your fed by an unknown captor, your portions small and only enough to keep you going. You have been gifted no bed to rest in except for the cold steel ground below you, and you haven't been groomed in quite a while. Truly, you must be quite the mess at this point, but that's far from being your greatest concern. No, what worries you most is what is to become of you.... You were very painfully aware of where you were, and why you were there. You only wondered, for how long would you live once this all is over?

    You knew already, you were soon to be sold. Despite the fact that in the modern world, the selling and slavery of human beings is illegal, there is a certain group who completely ignores this law. This group however, is not one crafted by people. Instead, it was an organization run by vampires. In search of blood the vampire race has bound together creating a blackmarket of their own where they may exchange deals humans see to be horrid and immoral. Very few human beings outside of the market know of it, and these few humans are the very ones who have aligned themselves with the vampiric race. They swipe the innocent off the street, typically targeting virgins. This is due to the fact that virgin blood sells for more of a profit on the market, and the enslavers will in turn get a larger pay for turning in these purer people. As a result, you were being sold at an insanely high price.

    Not only were you a virgin, but you had yet to even kiss another person. At your age, one would have expected you to have at least a bit of romantic knowledge, but in the end you shied away from most every romantic opportunity you received. Now, unsoiled by the touch of any human, your priced higher than almost any other human in the market. It is for this reason that you have yet to be bought despite having been in this tiny cage for many weeks. However, little did you know that you would be receiving your very first potential buyer today. Word of your capture and your purity had caught the attention of a powerful, noble, and richly vampire, a man who goes by the name of Zypher.

    It was the middle of the night when you had been woken from your slumber by a pounding upon the bars on your cage. "Wake up!" a demanding voice shouted to you, forcing you to wake from your slumber. "Did you not hear me? I said wake up! You have an audience today, and don't you dare try anything! This man is very important... do anything stupid, and we'll kill you."

    You perked up just slightly when you heard the door to your cage unlock, and soon the hinges came to quietly creek. Without warning, a hand grabbed you by the collar around your neck, roughly pulling you out of the cage and forcing you to your feet. It then began to loosen the knot of your blindfold, tugging at it until finally the knot fell loose and your eyes were revealed for the first time in weeks. While at first, the light had come to pain your eyes, they adjusted ever so slowly. The room around you was revealed. Crates lay about messily, a few chains hanging from the nearby walls. Below you the cement floor was old and cracked, while up above the ceiling held exposed pipes and wires. It was quite clear that you were in a basement of some sort, the lack of windows coming to further your theory. A man stood in front of you, small and slightly chubby. He was looking you over head to toe, but the moment he heard steps descending down the nearby staircase he quickly drew away. Standing off to the side of your cage, his crimson eyes were placed on the doors leading into the room. In only a moment more they opened, a new man being revealed.

    "Ah, could this be my new toy?"

    Before you there stood a tall man, raven black hair hanging in the way of his dark red eyes. A smirk was visible upon his pale face, a pair of thin, but sharp fangs visible among his teeth. You froze, only now coming to the realization of what was happening... This man, he was a vampire, and he had come to buy you.
    Bloodlust Frame.png

    --Height: 6ft 4 in
    --Weight: 150 lbs

    --Name: Zypher Pherious
    --Age: 23
    --Gender: Male
    --Race: Vampire
    --Weapon: Zypher carries with him a dagger along with a pair of dual pistols. All three of these weapons are typically hidden inside of his coat or cloak, whatever he may be wearing, along a thin waistband. The dagger has a jagged steel blade and a hard, but comfortable black handle. It's nearly a foot in length. His pistols are both made from the same steel as his dagger with black designs painted along them.
    --Abilities: As a vampire, Zypher has quite a few abilities. He's stronger, faster, and more perceptive than any human being. This is a skill that most every vampire has, but what makes Zypher interesting is that he has a secondary ability. Aside from this, he can manipulate his own blood. He can create weapons and attacks from his own life essence, but doing this does require him to take quite a few risks. If he uses too much blood, he could quite easily kill himself. At the same time, using this ability also makes him very hungry... It's important to watch out after any battles he may have, for he'll be looking for prey.

    --Personality: Blunt, fierce, merciless, Zypher is the type of man many people try to avoid. He's demanding and powerful, and he rarely ever gives up until he gets exactly what he wants. In this sense, he is very persistent and relentless in his actions, doing whatever it takes until he had gotten to his goal. Along with this, Zypher also loves to tease. With shameless and quite vivid words or actions, he will try to toss another person into trouble or fluster them up into a very clear red. He then enjoys to poke fun at even that, gaining even more ammo with each and every successful tease to throw at his poor target of play. He has trouble taking others with seriousness, often seeing the people around him to only be his source of entertainment. As a result, some people do find him to be quite aggravating and a very large annoyance, due to his lack of shame or respect. However, whenever a person does manage to get close to this cold man, while he still does love to play, he also become quite clingy and possessive. He doesn't like to be without the people he cares for, and he always fears losing them and as a result he tries to keep them as close as he can. He'll at the same time also become more affectionate and loving, granting embraces and kisses on a very constant basis.
    Bloodlust Frame.png
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  2. I'll be up for this, if you still haven't found a partner.
  3. Alright~ So, would you prefer a thread or conversation?
  4. Thread. :)
  5. Should I create my OC?
  6. [​IMG]
    [ Alexander T. Valentine | 21 Years Old | Male | Human ]
    A p p e a r a n c e } A lanky man who stands at 5'11" Ft and weighs about 132 lbs, underweight. Alexander has long platinum blonde hair that falls down past the nape of his neck. It is usually tied up in a pony-tail. His bangs fall past his eyes and is usually tucked behind his ear. He has pale blue eyes that are framed with long thin lashes. Under his eyes are dark circles due to the lack of sleep. On his back, he has a large tattoo of a dragon. Along with a tattoo, he also has a scar on his left eyebrow.

    P e r s o n a l i t y } A quiet and reserved man who doesn't care that much. He's laid back and constantly procrastinates half the time. The most work he does is for the things he's found interest in. He's outer demeanor is rather annoyed and is seemed intimidating to a normal being. With that he usually snaps back at a person to those who dare try to get close to him. Alexander is a skeptical man who doesn't trust people easily -- it forces him to push people away to the point where they will despise him. To those who manage to break the wall he built, gets to enjoy a time with a playful young man. His playfulness is close to his carelessness of his surroundings. In all his relationships, most people find him a caring person and mostly insecure. Most of his relationship was with a woman, never a man, so he is supposedly dominant.
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