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  1. lol, Since Dark Reign, Shattered, Azazel and now, Steam City came about, I thought, here's people continuing and enriching the 'mythos' where we had tried and failed before. All they did was try and bring the mythos in their own directions, just gambling on people liking the idea and going with it. (of course, having posting commitments were important too!)

    So I thought, I'd give it a try as well. What if Paorou won the Admin War and everything went according to his plans? What kind of world would that Iwaku be? The world that Paorou would make in his madness, and twisted love for everything that Iwaku stood for?

    Here we go.


    Iwaku : Shards of the Lost

    It is said that this land is what remains of the god king's flesh.
    His breaths left his body, becoming the wind and the sky.
    His bile and tears flowed forth, becoming the rivers and seas.
    His hair became the forests, and the grass that cover the land.
    His burning eye became the sun, and when he sleeps, his lidded eye is the moon.
    All his other eyes became the stars in the sky, shining with his power.
    His blood spilled is now the blood in our veins.

    This is why we name this land after our god king, Furor Rex.
    This is the land of Paorou, who created coherence out of madness.

    - Folktale, Genesis of Furor Rex

    The world of Furor Rex (or simply Furor) is best described as an untamed frontier of strange landscapes and alien creatures. A world of moving mountains, gurgling depths, scything winds and falling stars, it is a place where only the strong-willed survive. Yet, despite all this, the rugged people of Furor Rex take everything in stride. These things are natural for them, much like a storm or an earthquake, it is something to learn from and move on.

    The people of the North are smiths and masons of the Flesh. The great mountains here are as a herd of gigantic animals, constantly shifting and moving across the land. Despite this, the artisans of the north erect great castles and towers, creating stability where there is none.

    The people of the East are the nomads and outriders of the Voice. Upon wide plains, deserts, and oceans, the very air cuts down anything arrogant enough to stand against it. They have learned to heed its cry, traveling skilfully and mindful of it's invisible currents.

    The people of the South are the warriors and barbarians of the Will. A hot, tropical land of jungles, volcanoes and violent seas. It is here that the natives claim, that stars fall upon the earth - making the land's children as hot-blooded as the sun in the sky.

    The people of the West are the nobles and merchants of the Blood. Bountiful fields, prosperous cities, and busy ports, hide the political turmoil ever present in the shadows of its ambitious denizens. The people here are like the strange creatures of the depths, they are not at all what they seem.

    And finally, in the center of the world, called "Paorou's Heart", a great city stands as a beacon of order amidst a constantly shifting world. Here is the seat of Kings, the chantries of his Priests, and the altar of his Brides. Here are the people of the Crown, they are the Dominion of Furor Rex.

    The world of the Mad King is not kind, but it is not particularly hateful either. Otherwise, the peoples of the world would have simply died out, like the 'old world' the wise men speak of in the myths.

    Yet, there is something in this world that even they fear.
    Things inexplicable and destructive, the antithesis of reality.

    They are simply called the 'Emanations'.

    Some claim they are a curse laid upon this world, by the vanquished chaos of the old world.
    Some claim they are the feminine yin to the masculine yang of the mad king.
    Some claim that they are aliens from another world, seeking a new home.

    Whatever it is, the Emanations are the enemy of the world, seeking to destroy it in various ways. The people of Furor Rex almost instinctively know that these things are capable of destroying reality, and generally hate them. The reasons for both phenomena are unknown, and it doesn't help the current situation.

    More Emanations are appearing.


    Who will you guys play?

    You will play a champion ordained by the Lord Priest of the Dominion, a man known as The 'Diviner-King'. It does not mean you work for the Dominion of Furor Rex, it simply means that you have an important role to play in the 'End Times' - and thus have the attention of the Diviner King. Whether you become a friend or enemy of the world doesn't really matter - he will ensure that you meet your fate.


    There are five basic factions, based on geography. These are the 'peoples'.

    - NORTH - FLESH - The Masons and Smiths - Earthquake country, but science/architecture is top-tier. Think dwarves/steampunk.
    - EAST - VOICE - The Nomads and Outriders - Too deadly for anyone to stay put. To survive, one needs good navigators, and fast mounts.
    - SOUTH - WILL - The Warriors and Barbarians - Violent lands of tribal warfare and falling stars. Very hot climate.
    - WEST - BLOOD - The Nobles and Merchants - Great cities of scheming saboteurs and deadly politics. Seas of strange creatures.
    - CENTER - CROWN - The Brides and Priests - Also called the 'Dominion' they are primarily concerned with vagaries of Fate and the Emanations.

    They are further divided down per land. this list is incomplete, and I'd like to encourage players to make their own.

    - Diviner-priests - These priests are concerned with the movements of fate, and may have strange reasons for doing things that don't make sense for most normal people. (even those from Furor Rex) It is from this faction that the Diviner-King leads the Dominion. They wield considerable political power as a 'coincidental' result of their strange actions, however.
    - The Crimson Brides - known as the 'Brides of Paorou', they are a militant branch of the Dominion that specialize in fighting Emanations since the dawn of time. They are a group of women (though there have been exceptions...) who undergo a ritual of 'marriage' to the god king, and thus they receive a portion of his powers and blessings. This reinforces speculation of the yin-yang feminine theory of the Emanations, as it seems that they are especially susceptible to the weapons and powers of these 'Brides'.


    Along with your Champion, you are required to create an emanation. An emanation can be an ineffable calamity, an unspeakable monster, an army of horrors, or an immensely powerful individual. As a personal rule, I'd like it if the emanation is named after your username.

    For Example - "Asmodeus the Lamenting Angel is a large, winged humanoid made out of twisted metal, stone and flesh. It's face is that of a young man, permanently twisted into an expression of utter grief. Its sunken, empty eye-sockets constantly trickle a reddish-black liquid down its cracked cheeks. The wings, nothing more than twisted tendrils of rusted metal and stones, also drip with this same liquid. Its arms and legs are a mockery of human musculature made with strips of metal stone and bleeding flesh. They each end in a bloody stump, with bloody blades replacing their manipulative appendages. The Emanation is as large as a house, and is capable of cutting men in half with each of its blade appendages."
  2. Interested.

    Will we have powers in the realms of Confluence, Soul Arts and etc as per the other Iwaku roleplays?
  3. Nope.

    On the upside, it means you can create your own powers. The diviner-king and Furor Rex itself will keep you in check. The Emanation also acts as your conscience. (You have to use your power/skills properly or everyone has to deal with that.)
  4. What do you mean by keep me in check? So the Emanations are like our dark sides?
  5. Oh, it's a carryover term from my tabletop games where I adapt to powerful characters. (I deal with munchkins/ people who like to abuse stats a lot) That way, they're free to make any kind of character, even if they're overpowered stat-wise, while not ruining the game for everyone else.

    The Emanations are linked to you, the player, and the character. I will not explain further as the discovery of what makes the world run will be part of the plot.
  6. Mm. Alright then. Still interested. Thanks for the help.
  7. ‚Äč-lurks in a box.-
  8. I am interested and would join this.
  9. *Lurks with Stacisaur, hopping in her box.*
  10. I'm interested in this as well- Looking forward to this!
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