An Iwaku GW2 Guild!?

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  1. Tagging folks whom I know for sure play:
    @Tribs @Dawn @Arcadia Lumina @Red Velvet

    I know there are others!

    So, I blame Tribs for making me want to make my characters pretty, and thereby drawing me back into GW2. But now that I'm back, I've kind of been playing it a lot. I'm kiiind of at end-game on two characters but it's been so long since I played that I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. So I can help with some stuff, but not a lot of things.

    What do you guys think about an Iwaku guild in GW2? Would you join it? Would you represent it?

    What would you name it, and what would you have the tag be? (Tags are max four characters)

    I am uncreative, so my first impression was to just name it Iwaku Roleplay and have the tag be [OWLS]

    Let me hear your thoughts!
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    4) GW2 FOR TAG
  3. No I mean like... every guild has a tag appended after your name when you represent that guild.

    So for example, a character would show up as Fatal Rendezvous [OWLS], and you wouldn't know what the guild itself was until you clicked on them and could see that it said Knights of Iwaku or something like that.

    That's what I mean by tag. Just making the tag [GW2] wouldn't make much sense =P
  4. I'm down.
  6. I don't play, but come on, the whole owl thing is so passe now that Diana changed her avatar. Go with the tag IRP, standing dual purpose for Iwaku Roleplay and "I RP" as a statement. Perhaps go with I-RP or some other separating symbol if they allow more than letters.
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  7. I'm almost certain that there's someone using the IRP tag, just sayin'. BUT if we could, that would work pretty well, honestly.

    You know I'm down. :) I do not mind more people to play with! (Once I figure out what is wrong with my screen so I can feel like I'm not going to die from a headache every time I play.)

    Should I resurrect the MMO screen shot thread again?
  8. Haven't played in months. Keep it updated and installed just in case the urge strikes me.

    Usually doing a single fractal or dungeon-cheese run is enough to drive me off.

    Dress-up and character creation was the best part.
  9. Oh! If anyone wants to come and play with my idiots, you're welcome to! Fair warning, I'm a terrible player. I have no idea how I have two level 80's but I do. Anyway if you want my name for friendship purposes just PM me and we'll do a thing! Also actual GW2 inspired RP would be really fucking awesome, just sayin'. I don't really run dungeons or do anything like that. I'm super ultra lite game player with a focus on the potential for making pretties and roleplaying. :D
  10. I was playing just yesterday.

    I have a level 80 Warrior, and a New Ranger I'm training up.
    I'm down for a Guild. :3
  11. Probably not. I was in another guild for about a week, but I don't really see the point. :)
  12. We should probably start the Guild sooner rather than later so we can get more points earned for it.
  13. I'd join it but I'm not much of a team player. I usually wander off and do my own thing when I'm in a party, which I understand can be annoying but I can't help it. >__>; So don't really expect me to do group-type things with the guild all of the time.
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  14. What if it's a closed-off instance like a Dungeon?
  15. Dawn hasn't experienced a Dungeon yet! :D Of course, I've been playing for years and I've only tried to do one once... Alone. Because I didn't understand exactly what it was at the time. >>;

    I think though that yes, as long as the Guild isn't super serious and 'LET'S DO ALL THE THINGS TOGETHER ALL THE TIME' we should be okay. Running a dungeon once a week or something low key sounds fun but once you're trying to be competitive the fun just evaporates.
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  16. I would have to figure out my password again since I got it a while ago but I am game, it sounds kind of fun
  17. I'd love to play this if @Tribs and @Dawn would, I dunno... GET OFF THEIR HIGH HORSES AND PLAY WITH SOMEONE OUTSIDE THEIR COMFORT ZONE!
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  18. I will have weeks were I can't play due to irl things, but I will do my best
  19. I uninstalled the game because I had nobody to play with, but I had a level 47 (I think) charr engineer on a server called Sorrow's Furnace, I think.

    I might sign up again if I had people to play with and all on the same server. I can't remember if it costs anything to transfer.
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