An Iwaku Guild?

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  1. It's just a random thought that came to my mind and I'm not sure if it exists already in certain MMOs or not (excluding the Steam group). I thought it would be really nice if we had an Iwaku ran guild in an MMO for members of the site to join and play together. It might even make for some awesome roleplay opportunities.

    I guess I'm just thinking aloud but has anybody thought about making this a thing or made it a thing, for that matter?
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  2. Which MMO are you thinking about Iwaku being in?
  3. I'm not sure. I used to be an avid player of Guild Wars 2 and I've just gotten into The Secret World. But it would largely depend on what the majority want to play, I'd say.
  4. I would be up for some Ragnarok Online pivate server, though I haven't played since Renewal was a thing
  5. Though it does seem like a lot of Iwakuans play GW2, I'm not sure if we'd really have enough people for a guild. @_@ Maybe if we could invite other people, too... though I'm currently in a 100% rep guild and probably couldn't join anyway. : (
  6. If I remember correctly A WoW guild was attempted but there wasn't enough Players to make it a go for RP.

    For GW2, Though I play, It's Lore isn't in-depth enough for me to RP. I've tried and on the RP server in an RP Guild, and it just doesn't come well. Same for TSW. On the RP Server, in an RP Guild, and It's just not been something that's kept my interest.

    Mainly because of the in-game chat systems for both GW2 and TSW stuck.. So bad. At least with WoW, Chat Addons make it easier to RP via in-game.

    Edit: However, I'm currently Setting up a RP group for WoW here on the Forums. I would suggest, if your looking for TSW or GW2 RP, this might be a viable option as well. RP In-game often takes away from Playing time. Another reason why I don't really RP in-game.
  7. I'd be more interested in just playing in place of RPing. I mean, there's loads of MMOs out there that are viable options too. For example, Archeage.
  8. For GW2 everyone has to be on the same server. I'm not sure about TSW, but with GW2 you can only chose one server. So that might make it a tad hard if not everyone is on the same server.
  9. Well I know they have the world guesting thing in GW2 so it could work. You'd just be without WvW abilities. I dunno. It was just a thought I had.
  10. Would the Guild be forced to roleplay for food? :3
  11. Let us expand our influence... and recruit people to the site across worlds...






    yeah. We should make Iwaku Guilds all across the ethernet and make Diana work harder becuase of the torrent of awesome we will bring back.
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  12. I only play GW2 for WvW and living world events.
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