An issue with formatting.

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  1. So, I set up an OOC/Signup Thread earlier today, and the formatting in the thread is destroyed.

    I was not able to start a new paragraph. Everything is just smashed together I don't why or how it happened. And In the editor. All the paragraphs and spacing shows up, but when I save the changes, none of it shows up. Is there a way to fix this? Or there something in the rules I missed?

    For some odd reason. That first post I made on the OOC/Signup thread is jacked up. No matter how many ways you try to format it. It's messed up.

    edit 2: Yeah, it's just the first post that's messed up. Can someone delete that thread so I can make a new one?
  2. Which thread?
  3. The "Dragon's Nest" OOC/SignUp thread under Modern Fantasy. It's that first post I made it's bugged out and doesn't allow for spacing or editing.
  4. People have the power to delete their own posts (though deleting the first post of the thread generally deletes the thread) If you're having trouble then copy the contents of the post into another thread and I'll move all the other posts into the new thread (if you give me a link to both).
  5. Can you give me a link to the new thread?
  6. NVM

    Sorted and old thread deleted.