An introduction for most, a return for some.

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  1. Hey guys. I suppose the utmost veterans already know me (If the name is throwing you off I was Chaos, I've updated my handle, long over due frankly). But for those of you who don't know me I suppose I'll give you guys a brief history.

    I first showed up on Iwaku circa....January 2007 I want to say? This was way back when Iwaku was infantile compared to what it is now. A very small, very close knit community. We were on an entirely different host, which is why my join date doesn't match. I was one of the few one late night on MSN messenger who helped decide it was time to change hosts. But I'm getting off track.

    I was fresh off an RP of such a massive scale that individual character power was never something that could be feasibly monitored, let alone enforced. This...didn't transition well to Iwaku. At all. Like "I wish I could go back and kick my younger self in the teeth" bad. Lord knows a couple people around here wanted to.

    I eventually grew out of it, but it wasn't until a couple years before I had my chance and proved it to everyone. And when that RP passed on as many RPs do I just kind of vanished. It was never intentional and I always wanted to come back and head my own RP, but the creative process was held up. On top of that Iwaku was getting big and some xenophobic thoughts got the better of me. A fact I was somewhat vocal about. I'm still surprised Diana didn't strangle me for it.

    And then something changed. I learned Monday that Monty Oum passed away and Rooster Teeth encouraged mourners to do something creative in his memory. And like that the hang up I was stuck on suddenly and unexpectedly cleared itself up. Simply and instantly. I feel silly for not thinking of it before.

    And with that done I'm back. I can't assure you I'll be joining any RPs out of the gate, and I'm sure as hell not ready to blow the lid on the idea that's been rattling around in my head for the last two years, but it's coming and I'm feeling very confident.

    So for those who remember me, Delnoir's back and the creative fire is a veritable inferno. For those who don't I've got a hell of a ride planned for you.
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  2. Welcome. Welcome Back.
  3. Welcome! Welcome back!!
  4. Hey! You!
    I don't know you!

    Welcome back!
  5. Welcome back, from a newbie!
  6. An oldie, but a goldie!

    Welcome back! :D
  7. Yo dude. It's been a long ass while.

    Welcome back! Try to have fun this time ;)
  8. Welcome back, man! I remember you. We used to chill in the cbox. You used a dark blue font.
  9. Yep. Many a person who couldn't read it as a result. Sadly my original color is gone and my current options are all a bit brighter. How am I supposed to mess with people when they can read what I type?
  10. Goofball. No worries, we will enjoy many a RP together soon I hope.
  11. Despite my lack of memory towards that awesome sounding name, welcome back! :D
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