An Interstellar Love Affair [with Sora1297 and Slyred]

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  1. ~~ The Story ~~

    On the 7th Night of Urlea, King Dîue of the Kree announced that his daughter, the Princess (YC) had come of age and needed to be married within the next few months. All across the galaxy, men, warriors and royals alike, have come to Kreelog in hopes of proving themselves worthy of having her as a wife. After a long arduous process of elimination, the King and Queen (along with their daughter) have rounded the billions of suitors down to a list of 8 men. As per Kree tradition, the men will compete in a 4 week tournament against one another until one of them emerges victorious. The only issue that the Princess has with this method of finding a husband is that she has not felt a Mind Meld connection with any of the men selected. In one last desperate attempt to find her "soul mate", she enlists the help of an inventor who tracks down a young man (MC) with the ideal brainwaves to form a bond with her and become the new Prince/King. However, a few problems surrounded the boy. For starters, he is neither a great warrior or a warrior. Secondly, he has no experience in combat situations whatsoever and would require training before entering the tournament. But worst yet out of all the other reasons: he's an Earthling.

    Finally deciding that he is her only hope to actually find something more in a marriage then just the union between two unloving people, the Kree Princess has the Earth Boy teleported to Kreelog to fight as her "champion". Will the human and the Kree Princess get together, or will the young man inevitably die during the difficult challenges that await him? Will the Princess discover the bond she's been hoping for, or will she deal with a loveless relationship and suffer only to a life of rearing children for a man she doesn't love? Its up to us to find out!

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    Princess Tierney took in a deep breath and began to pace a bit back and fourth, twirling the pieces of hair between her thumb and pointer finger in a nervous action. "Must he take so long?" said she, as she paused, looking at the door for what seemed like the thousandth time. It seemed as though the inventor said that the Earthling would be there eons ago but, in reality it was just twenty minutes previous to that exact time. She wondered what he'd look like, talk like -more importantly what he'd think of her. Tierney went over to the mirror once more and fixed her hair while also brushing out whatever wrinkles may line her garments. A knock came to the door in which startled the princess, "Come in," she said in a rather nervous, high pitched voice.

    It was the inventor, his hair riddled with bed head as usual. "He shall be arriving shortly, do not fret princess the Earthling will have no troubles in reaching our location," he said, nodding his head in a reassuring way. Tierney tilted her head to the side and folded her arms over her chest. "Are you sure he'll know how to get here?" she asked, not feeling relieved whatsoever, "I gave him rather specific directions, I wouldn't think on it," replied the inventor. Tierney sighed and leaned slightly against a table, fiddling withe her thumbs.

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