An Interstellar Love Affair (MxF Looking for F)

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  1. ~~ The Background ~~​

    Deep in the recesses of Space, lies a large and unknown planet known as Kreelog. It is one of the furthest planets from Earth, laying very close to the core of the Milky Way Galaxy. Kreelog has been discovered by humans, but according to research done by the Hubble Telescope and NASA, the planet is a Gas Giant, therefore making it uninhabitable. Little do the humans know that not only is Kreelog (known to them as P-X64V.6O) habitable, but also is their original home planet. Long before Earth was inhabited by humans, they lived on Kreelog under a different name. The planet has managed to remain out of contact with Earth and the rest of the universe thanks to the specialized cloaking devices placed at the polar caps that give it the outwards appearance of a gas giant.

    Being immensely habitable by any and all creatures, Kreelog is the home of three highly intelligent primary humanoid races: the Kree, the Yarrl, and the Borrelgians.

    Yarrl are large, insect-like creatures who preserve and protect nature.
    Yarrl Reference (open)
    They have very strong ties with the natural balance of things on Kreelog and are often associated with being "Guru's" or "Healers". They have evolved to harness the healing and regenerative abilities of nature, which in turn has forced them to be a rather peaceful race compared to the other denizens of Kreelog. More then naught, they breed asexually as all Yarrl are born with both reproductive systems, but the species has been known to mate with Kree and Borregelian's (the latter being not often by choice).

    The aptly named "Kree" are the race that connects directly to Humanity. They share an appearance that is very similar (almost identical) to their Human brethren, although their skin is slightly more pigmented due to the constant sunlight they are exposed to on the planet.
    Kree Reference (open)
    Quite the opposite of their human counterparts, the Kree actually believe the females are superior to the men in most respects, making them work either as manual labourers, politicians, houseworks/domestics, and breeding. There are entire buildings within all Kree cities where the women go to be impregnated by a male worker of their choice. The Kree women are strong and tough, making for strong and vicious warriors. Unlike the Borregelian's, however, the Kree are not as blood thirsty and only use violence as a means of protection. They never once have started a war on Kreelog, but they sure as hell end them. With one of the largest armies on Kreelog, the Kree are prepared to do anything to protect themselves and their planet. They also share a strong connection to the planet, although it is not as strong as the abilities the Yarrl possess. The Kree have superior intellect, which gives them an edge over the other species on Kreelog. Most notably, Kree pick their spouse by preforming what is known as a "Mind Meld". Through a powerful wave of telekinetic energy, the one or both creatures can enter the other's mind, reading their thoughts and also learning everything there is to know about them. Once a Mind Meld has proven successful, it cannot be undone and the two are to be united by the bond for the rest of their days. The only way a Mind Meld can be successful, however, is if the two people share similar brain wavelengths (meaning they share similar thought processes and have many things in common). If the two share none of this, then a Union cannot be made legally.

    The Borrelgian's are a species of aggressive, irritable creatures resembling humanoid whales. They are significantly larger then the other sentient creatures of Kreelog, normally standing at 8-12 foot tall and weighing nearly 4 tons.
    Borregelian Reference (open)
    They are by far the strongest and most lethal of the three species. Borregelian's prefer to think of themselves as perfect creatures, meaning that anything not Borregelian should be destroyed. In the past, they've tried to eradicate both the Kree and Yarrl from Kreelog, but both species have stood their ground. After about 8 interplanetary wars, the Borregelian's stopped fighting and signed a treaty with the Kree as Yarrl to remain peaceful to them and Kreelog's allies across the galaxy. Borregelian's are mostly male, but there are some women. All of the creatures look the same, so its hard to determine which one is a man and which one is a woman. Borregelian men and women prefer to mate outside of their species. Knowing just how unappealing they are, Borregelian's cut out the emotional and mental part of an actual mating relationship and just skip to impregnation. Mostly they prey on Kree and Yarrl citizens, taking them in as slaves before breaking them completely and using them as a means to continue breeding, but they have managed to mate with other races throughout the galaxy. Cruel and vicious, Borregelian's are unstoppable killing machines with no remorse for anything living or dead.

    Despite having three highly intelligent races on the planet, technology is not all that it should be. The Kree, Yarrl and Borregelian's have all produced technological advancements far beyond the comprehension of man, but rather then let it absorb their multiple societies, they use their devices mainly for recreational or domestic purposes. (Think something like the film John Carter {or "The Warlord of Mars" for those who know the source material} as a way to think of the planet. They have advanced technology, but prefer to use more simplistic items such as metals, stones and herbs to create their homes/structures/medicines/ect).

    ~~ The Story ~~​

    On the 7th Night of Urlea, King Dîue of the Kree announced that his daughter, the Princess (YC) had come of age and needed to be married within the next few months. All across the galaxy, men, warriors and royals alike, have come to Kreelog in hopes of proving themselves worthy of having her as a wife. After a long arduous process of elimination, the King and Queen (along with their daughter) have rounded the billions of suitors down to a list of 8 men. As per Kree tradition, the men will compete in a 4 week tournament against one another until one of them emerges victorious. The only issue that the Princess has with this method of finding a husband is that she has not felt a Mind Meld connection with any of the men selected. In one last desperate attempt to find her "soul mate", she enlists the help of an inventor who tracks down a young man (MC) with the ideal brainwaves to form a bond with her and become the new Prince/King. However, a few problems surrounded the boy. For starters, he is neither a great warrior or a warrior. Secondly, he has no experience in combat situations whatsoever and would require training before entering the tournament. But worst yet out of all the other reasons: he's an Earthling.

    Finally deciding that he is her only hope to actually find something more in a marriage then just the union between two unloving people, the Kree Princess has the Earth Boy teleported to Kreelog to fight as her "champion". Will the human and the Kree Princess get together, or will the young man inevitably die during the difficult challenges that await him? Will the Princess discover the bond she's been hoping for, or will she deal with a loveless relationship and suffer only to a life of rearing children for a man she doesn't love? Its up to us to find out!

    If you're interested, post below or send me a PM. Here's my character sheet just so you can have a basic reference to work off of while making yours:


    Dylan Eric Robertson






    Dylan is very polite to everyone he meets, male or female. Most girls find it hard to tell if he's flirting or just being nice. He doesn't like to do things by himself and would rather have someone give him orders to follow. Dylan can be odd at times, but that's just because he tries to see the world from every outlook. Even though he smiles, he sometimes feels that nobody really gets him except for his amazing wife. However, he's a fun and outgoing guy who would stop at nothing to turn his friend's frown upside down. He is also very adventurous and loves the thrill of a good book. His creativity comes in bits and spurts, but when he finally finds another means to get writing again, he can go on for days. He's also a majorly hopeless romantic, but whenever his little plans go wrong, he knows that his (eventual) girlfriend will think its cute that he tried and give him a cuddle. He also tends to be very sloppy and is not as clean as he should be, but still manages to make things appear tidy and sorted (when he needs to). However, he is a very peaceful man and prefers not to be involved with violence of any sort, but Dylan as never once backed down from a fight (despite losing horribly in most of them).​

    I'm also only looking for a few people to do this (maximum of 3 partners for 3 different versions) so hurry and tell me if you're interested or not!
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