An Interesting Dream..

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  1. Well, I had a really interesting dream, last night. To sum it up, there was two sides, a "good" side, and a "bad" side. I was on the bad side, and I had to fight the good side. Anyways, I'd go into more detail, but this isn't what this post is about. So, I need characters to go into this story. If you're interested, send me a message, and we will work things out. This isn't for a role play. This is for an actual story; a novel per-se. Anywho, this story is going to be very graphic, and more mature rating than a novel for kids. Also, if you so happen to send me a message or comment on this, that you're interested in making a character to be in the story, I will definitely give you some props with the story, any of you who want to have a character can definitely have a part in the plot and story. You guy's interested still?
    Well, I have a few rules to go by before you guys come at me.
    • The theme is modern fantasy, so your character can use cell phones, computers, and the like.
    • The good side is set out to destroy the bad side, In my dream it was kind of like the good side was a religious power. That can be changed though.
    • Your character can be anywhere from 13+, they can be on either side, and they can be however you like. Except they can't have overly magical qualities, like noticable features and everything.

    Are any of you interested? I really would like to see this come to life, so comment here or send me a message if you want more details about the story [my dream] or if you want to have a character in the story!