An Infamous Pair



Original poster

Hi there! I'm Kitti~

As the title suggests, I want something along the lines of a Bonnie and Clyde scenario save on a slightly more group scale. I was thinking perhaps something related with a crime group but I'm flexible there - Mafia, Camorra, Irish Mob...

I have some plot-related ideas and am more than happy to take suggestions!

I sort of want to be the girl, but if I get a super awesome partner who just has to be the girl, being the guy wouldn't be so bad... ><

Oh! Oh! I'll be the guy! Me, me! Pick me! *holds out wad of cash* We can debate about this if you would like. *winks*
I love an enthusiastic partner and you're new to boot, so I get to play with someone I haven't played with before!

Do you want to chat about it or play it by ear? I'm fine with either and I particularly like to make things up as I go.
If you still need someone, call me.