An incommensurable continuance


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Fantasy, historical
Hello all :)
If you are looking for a dark and twisted fantasy role play then you have come to the right place :)

I am looking for somebody to join me in my story and relift my characters life into existence once more.

I can promise you that I won't get bored and leave! Not only do I love to role play but I adore this character although I must warn that for the next few weekends my posts won't be too frequent as I am a music festival go-er and so the summer is a busy time for me.

My "rules"

Please be fast and frequent with replies. More than a few posts a day would be lovely as I feel the story doesn't progress quickly enough other wise

I would prefer that roleplays take place over PMs. I also try to keep my posts to 2-4 paragraphs but I don't mind if we go over. Quality > Quantity.

PM me if you're interested :) <3

[btn]Claurise was born on a solitary farm on the outskirts of a large city, bastard to her father and orphaned by her mother. Anathematised at birth as a curse to her fathers viability.
A girl of innocence pitched at the start of life in no more than a locked, forgotten outbuilding brimming with old books, stale rice and hay.

At the age of 16 Claurise saw her first glimpse of the Suns refulgence. The crooked doors where open and the air screamed of her freedom though she was greeted by nothing more than the lecherous hands of a rugged farm worker who was to leave her with little but the despoilment of her innocence and a child conceived of pain and hatred.

Four years pass and the two remain trapped within the rejected outbuilding with food sources running dry and all attempts of escape unavailing but still their love stood strong.
A girl of 20 sits with her boy, mind ablaze with a lifetime of knowledge, knowledge found from countless books and publications of the world and its history all housed in an unescapable barn.
A girl who looks to her child with a decision made and takes his face to her chest, her hands grasp reverently at his head keeping him close as his breath escapes him. Smothered by kindness the child passes leaving a dejected woman.

Claurise remained with her son for little more than 3 months, by this time, unknowingly to her the farm had been sold on due to the death of her "father" and once more the Suns radiance shone down upon her face as the lawmen came to retrieve his possessions from the barn.

Out from the crooked doors came a woman, born and raised of distaste and the perception of the cruelty in its darkest forms.
A woman with no clothes and a body so malnourished it resembled death itself.
A woman with knowledge and a taste for blood; born now into a world corrupt by cruelty of the worst kinds.

Where your character comes in is a choice entirely of your own :)
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