An Important Thing About Being Cold

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  1. Anything below

    80 degrees Fahrenheit or 27 Celsius is cold.

    70-75 Fahrenheit , is a tolerable cold

    69-75, is tolerable cold

    Anything below that line and I am cold. 65 degress is cold to me. So much for the guy who grew up in Liverpool, England. Am I right?

    Still hate the snow and further hate being cold
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  3. I remember one time it was around -15 degrees Celsius, and then, and only then, had school been closed because of cold. I didn't find it too bad.
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    Less than 80 degrees and 75% humidity? Shit it's beautiful!

    Any higher? Fuuuuuuuucking meeeeelting.
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  5. >:[ if it's any higher than 65 IT'S TOO HOT AND I HATE THE SUN AND WANT IT TO DIE.

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  6. Cold hurts. I get so cold that it actually physically hurts my bones. I have a bad knee from a motorcycle accident and when the barometric pressures changes or if it gets cold, it hurts my knee. Soooo
  7. But then it's gotta be REALLY cold. What are you usually wearing on this knee?

    Like, this winter when I was out with my class on a skiing trip to some forest, it was getting really cold. I dropped my semi-polar glove, and boy, did it hurt. So yes.
  8. I lived in Maryland all of my life. 60 degrees I was wearing shorts and short sleeves.

    Then I moved to Florida. After a year 60 degrees meant a jacket, sweat pants and the heat being turned on.

    After nearly eight years in Florida, moved back up north and now my internal thermometer is busted. First 30 degree day, my kids and I couldn't get out from under the blankets. Now it has to be 80 degrees to get me out of pants. =/
  9. Pants usually and I am sorry, but snow IS really cold. lol
  10. Back when I lived in Connecticut, 40-50 degrees weather was beautiful. Short sleeves and shorts were the way to go.

    Moved to Florida...then I became weak. 40-50 degrees here is cold as fuck.
  11. Can agree with that. Especially when there's a good half a meter or so.
  12. Mhm....and we had some really bad snow storms in Colorado Springs
  13. My hometown goes down to -40 C every winter. If it only lasts a week it's been a mild year

    /northern pride

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  14. Anything above 70 is too hot. But California has been getting up into the 80s these past few weeks/months.

    I was born for the cold, but am forced to suffer hot Californian summers. Actually, we don't really have seasons. It's just summer all year round.

    But we've got plenty of drought.
  15. Some like it hot.
    I like it cold.

    An enjoyable warm weather, in my opinion, is somewhere between sixty and seventy F. Anything above forty or so is a fairly nice day, really. Above seventy is unpleasant. With proper attire, I enjoy the snowy weather and cold the most.
  16. Bro, 27 Celsius is summer weather. -20 is where I start to consider things chilly going on cold.
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  17. [​IMG]

    Above freezing is considered a victory. Over 80 F and I avoid going outside.
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  18. Pff, in Sweden we go to school in -20 degree celcius and lower. The only time you're excused from school is if you're sick or it's too cold for the busses to drive around. (only happened once for my classmates. I had another bus than most of them so I was one of the few nerds that had to go.) WE WON'T LET THE WEATHER CONTROL US, WE CONTROL THE WEATHER (as in, we dress up properly when it's cold and we look like giant balls.) schools never close cause of weather over here x)

    As for me, I'm a person who freezes extremely easily so I want it to be at least 15 degrees. Though I don't think it's uncomfortably cold before it goes below -5. (except if its really windy o.o)
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  19. Phht, Sweden here, Sweden there. The only way is the Norway.

    Seriously though, I agree with you. As I said, that one time was the only time I have experienced a school closing due to cold, and yes, we do pack ourselves in clothes until it looks like it's the week after Christmas. As they say, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing (or 'cleather', as the Ylvis brothers put it)".
  20. *Hit -45 Celsius this year in his city. Took the bus to work that morning. It was cold, but it was alright.*

    I like colder temperatures. Anything over 25-30 Celsius, I die, too hot.
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