An Imperial Affliction

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  1. Killian sat in the hall in his wheel chair munching on an apple. he's been in and out of this hospital for nearly two years now so he knew most of the staff and had the place wired, with the exception of school work during the time scholl is normally in session he could get away with practly anything.... sometimes staying here was better than staying at home. his home wasnt built for wheel chairs and he has been pretty much restricted to the ground floor of his two house complete with a basement. here, he could go anywhere!
  2. Sitting on her bed, Lila wrote the notes on the paper as she hummed them, she loved writing song and her violin that her brother had gotten her when she was a little girl made her love it even more. Lila had been in the hospital for 4 years, she can't really go home cause her brother works and if something was to happen to her, she would need to be here.

    Putting down her pen, she looked out the window "that time already" she said as she slid down her bed to get breakfast, she knew most of the people here and her favorite nurses. She had a few friends and loved hanging out with them.

    She went out her door into the hall, she turned a few corners and saw one of the boys she liked to talk to "Hiya Killian" she smiled softly as she walked down the hall to get breakfast.
  3. Mika looked around at the cafeteria, taking in the same, everyday room she saw. She frowned, and sat down at a nearby table, not really caring who was sitting there. She slowly ran her hands through her short hair, a bit frustrated with everything.
  4. Ryan woke up feeling surprisly well. Morning usually weren't his things, and, if you add that with his disease, you have a young boy who can barely leave his bed. But that day was different, probably because of the new pills he was taking. Anyways, he couldn't care less about the why, he just wanted to get up and enjoy his well-being. He hurried to get up and change his clothes, he wanted to be out before the nurse take his breakfast to his room, as usual.

    He arrived into the cafeteria shortly after and approached to get a coffe and some croissants. Ryan wasn't really hungry, but he wouldn't waste those short periods of time that the doctors left him eat almost everything. He then approached to a table with some other patients that he had met before and said hi to them. He sat in front of a young girl, who, if he remembered well, was named Mika. She looked pretty sad, but that wasn't an odd thing in that place.

    "Good morning" told her with a friendly smile. He took a bite of one of the croissants and swallowed it. "Cheer up! At least the food isn't bad." said, offering one of his croissant. They really were pretty tasty, even though they had very little sugar.
  5. "thats true" killian interjected into the two kids conversation that were near him. it may have been rude but the girl looked pitiful. killian remembered feeling that way affter his first operation that took off his leg then again even worse when he lost his hand as well and his heart just couldnt help but go out to her. he rolled his wheel chair a little to the two and out of the middle of the walkway where he was previously parked his right leg ending in a little stump jusy below his knee and he happily swung what little he could of his remaining leg knowing there wasalmost no chance he'd hit anythong or one with it. his missing left hand was outfitted with a very pirate looking hook that struggled most of the time with the spokes in the wheel of his chair... he didnt mind though because that was the attachement he requested. "they hired a private cheif just for us kids who have to stay here.... im killian, by the way" he added just incasehis name wasnt rembered from when he was introduced eariler and then he happily waved his hook hand at them in a small greeting. "most everyone here calls me Hook now though"
  6. Sitting down at her table she couldn't help but listen to the other three, she felt very sorry for the other girl. She knew the feeling all to well especially after she was told that she stood a chance of not waking up after her next operation, it scared her half to death. She took her music book in hand and walked over to them.

    "He's right about the chef" she said as she slowly sat down "The food is pretty good" she smiled. "You got to smile for us, I don't like seeing people unhappy" she herself smiled "I'm Lila" she gave her name to the girl.
  7. 'What?So many people...' Mika thought, shocked at the small crowd she had brought in all of a sudden. She gave a small smile at the boy in the wheelchair, Killian as he introduced himself, then looked over at the boy who was eating the croissant, and nodded, she had seen Ryan around. However, She had never seen this girl, Lila. "Kami..." She said weakly, introducing herself to the two
  8. Killian... he probably have seen him around but didn't actually remember him. That boy may had lost a hand, but he got a really baddass nickname instead. It was weird to see him with an actual hook, but Ryan thought it was just awesome. He then looked at the other girl, Lila. She seemed nice. That was actually one of the few things that he liked about that place: Mika was feeling a little blue, and, out of the sudden, there were 3 almost strangers trying to cheer her up. They all knew what it was to be in the spot of the other, and that linked them in some way.

    "I'm Ryan" told the two that approached. He may had introduced himself some other time, but they surely didn't remember him. "It seems we all agree about the food." added, finishing his breakfast. "I've been in another hospital where the pizza didn't even have cheese. So we should all be thankful." joked, remembering the previous place he had been. He was just teasing, but wasn't lying, even though it was probably because that other place was way cheaper. It was everything that his parents could affort back then. Ryan was actually thankful for being in there.
  9. killian smiled at everyone, he loved when people came together like this, call him childish but he felt it was a magical moment. "so what are y'all in for?" he asked curiously, not to bring up foul moods but to simply be able to get to know them and understand their situation here. of course he wanted to help them however he could thats just the kind of person he was but he was also tired of being alone here... actually he was never alone, he wanted friends
  10. Mika gave a weak smile at Ryan, who always liked to cheer people up, then looked over at Killian, who was trying to make a joke, but kind of failed. "I have AIDS..." She said slowly, tears gathering in the corner of her eyes.
  11. Lila felt terible, she wished she could push the question back in Killian's mouth. "Mika, there is no need to be ashamed of that" she said putting a small hand on the girls shoulder "We are all here an we are all scared, so we'll all be brave to" the words left her mouth with a smile.
  12. "She is right, our diseases are a part of ourselves, we like it or not. So we have to keep living the best we can." told Mika, feeling a little bad for her, and giving her a slightly smile. She was clearly younger than him and was probably not used to that life. But he couldn't actually do anything for her, she needed to find how to deal with her disease by herself. "I have leukemia." said, without giving much importance to it.
  13. "I...I...I need some time..." She said, and quickly got out of her seat,running to the room she slept in. She jumped onto the bed, and held her knees to her chest, crying
  14. Two out of three answers... Not too bad but he should probably take his foot out of mouth and go fix things between him and the girl. Even if she didn't wank to talk to him he could at least appoligize to her. So carefully with hook and hand he wheeled himself backwards from the table and started to follow her telling the others he was apologizing (and not a creep stalker) as always his hook gave him trouble getting stuck in his wheel or slipping on the spokes. He couldn't wait until he got his new leg and could leave this stupid wheelchair behind. When he eventually got to the girls room he knocked on the door gently "you don't have to let me in but I want to apologize I'm so used to people's doom and gloom situations here I forgot some people could be sensitive to their condition. I promise I wasn't trying to make fun of anyone... Except maybe myself. I didn't mean to hurt you." he spoke slowly as if weighing each word to make sure it was the one he wanted before speaking. He supposed this was one of the reasons why he couldn't make friends here... He always seemed to say the wrong things... Even if he was right. He had never had a way with words
  15. "And this is the Cafeteria, where you'll be able to come in at basically any time during the day to grab a bit of food. I'll let you eat, then come back to finish your tour in an hour, alright? " The nice lady nurse that had been showing Faith around the hospital gestured around her to the Cafeteria they'd entered. As she walked away from her, giving her a gentle smile as she left, Faith does not reply to her words.
    Faith looks around, her eyes distant but obviously not oblivious or confused. She'd gone to school and even graduated from a good high school The teen tucks a disobedient lock of her long, straight, brown hair behind her ear and finds a seat in the darkest, most deserted part of the cafeteria.
    Faith doesn't eat, even though she could feel her intense hunger growing inside of her stomach. She didn't feel like eating was worth it anymore... it's not like she wanted to be here. And by 'here' she meant alive.
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  16. He sighed as he watched as that Killian guy went after her. Why would he do that? She clearly needed to be alone for a while. She looked as if she needed to cry alone in her room and not hearing an apology. Of course, he had been in that situation, and probably most of people in that room were also. Right after his first chemotherapy, he felt as a piece of crap and couldn't stop crying. But it was ok, he now believed that it was the only way to come in terms with a terminal disease. You just cry your ass out until you realise that it's pointless.

    Of course, seeing a young girl leaving the table to lock herself into her room and cry erased the smile off his face. After all, it was just another horrible day.
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  18. Mika looked at the door in shock, but quickly morphed into anger. "Go away!" She yelled, and hid under the covers, rubbing pillows over her ears. "Your words are meaningless! I'm going to die..." She yelled, whispering the second-half to herself, making her cry even more

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