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  1. Welcome To The Hospital!yeah i know its not that great... But on the bright side.... well i guess there is no bright side, for the characters anyway....

    If you've seen The fault in our stars or red band society then you know what im trying to get at here. Each character will be under the age of 18 and have some form of cancer or other illness that causes them to stay at the hospital.

    I would prefer a small group of people to roleplay with, four maybe five max. if there is enough interest i will gladly start up more than one thread for this idea. Also sign up for this thread will be open until i change the title to say its closed , so dont be shy!

    The posts will be "round robbin" because i suck at group roleplays and usaually have a lot of 1X1 rolplays to tend to.

    Now i will show you the hospital... or maybe not because my laptop sucks. anyway just picture a high end fancy hospital where you are allowed to decorate your room however you want-including drawing on the windows!!! yay!

    You can wear your own clothes, you dont have to wear those dreadful hospital gowns unless your getting oparated on for whatever reason.

    My character:
    name: killian Roosa
    age: 15
    cancer/other illness: osteosarcoma
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    other stuff needed to know: family rarely visits, had left hand and right lower leg already removed because of his cancer, has been stuck in the hospital on and off for two years
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  2. Name: Lila Snow

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Illness: Coronary Heart Disease

    Personality: Lila is a very friendly person, despite her disease, she always reaches out to help other in need. She loves to sing and can play the violin, that's what she does most of the time.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Other: Lila has an older brother named Luke, he is much older than her and he raised her, since their parents left them behind when she was four.
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  3. Name: Mika Noel

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Illness: AIDS (via blood transfusion)

    Apperance: [​IMG]

    Other things you need to know: Parents left her when they heard of her diesease, not wanting to pay for the costly procedure to help her live longer
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  4. My character:
    name: Ryan Roberts
    age: 17
    cancer/other illness: leukemia
    other stuff needed to know: he is way more optimistic than what you could expect in someone with an illness as his, he will always try to take a smile out of people. His family is quiet supportive but they don't have the times to see him very often.
  5. whoo hi to all im so sorry i havent been on in like two days. ill start up the thread for the above characters after i get home from school
  6. Awesome! Hope the hours go by fast :)
  7. I can't wait to start!
  8. alright im back ill get to work on our thread in just a sec
  9. Whoo, if you need any help, I'm right here.
  10. Alright.I am sooo ready for this
  11. Is this awesome thread still accepting?
    Cause I watched The Fault in our Stars THREE DAYS AGO
    I ain't that emotional though.
  13. yes yes this is still open
  14. :) I'll make my character sheet soon but I've got to go collapse into my bed LOLS
  15. My character:
    name: Alex nitram
    age: 16
    cancer/other illness: (forgotten the name, I'll add it later) Nervous system degenerative disorder
    looks: dark hair and brown eyes, average height. very thin, thanks to disorder
    Other things: he can't walk due to his illness. His family doesn't visit, as his only family is his grand parents. His only visitor is his best friend on occasion
  16. I Joining Because I CAN'T watch faith in our stars because I KNOW I'm going to cry!

    My character:

    name: Isabell St.Hialire
    age: 12
    cancer/other illness: Brain Cancer! (She already lost her lags)
    looks: Thin not much on the breast anymore. Short hair and green blue eyes.
    Other things: She lost her lags and is in a wheelchair. she happy and cheerfull even though she going to die soon. very very soon!
  17. ok need one more person to create a character to start second thread
  18. My Character is Awesome! and she me! Well half base on my I don't got cancer!
  19. im not going to lie i DID cry.... horribly actually. i started this in honor of my grandmother who has fought off ans survived cancer 4 times! shes an amazing woman and still energetic as ever <3
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