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  1. Before I start, a warning:

    I am not very good at explaining things. If you feel like you don't understand something, please alert me to this and I'll try to explain it better.

    Q: What is this roleplay based off of?

    A lot of ideas went into the base creation of this idea. The first two sources that made this series are the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth, and the old Bible story of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors. Naturally, this roleplay may have themes and cultures similar to ancient Egyptian and biblical Hebrews.

    Q: What is this roleplay?

    At the base of this matter, this roleplay is based in the steampunk-ish world of Chroma; a desert planet based mostly off of biblical Egypt. This world is plagued by villains that use machines similar to bugs, known only as Famine. While there are ordinary civilians in this world, this roleplay will mostly focus on Iwen: an army force that is separated into five different colors according to duty. These five different roles form a squad with a certain number of people in them, and are dispatched to defend the citizens from Famine. They also function as the police of the land, upholding any and all laws. This roleplay may just focus of the forming of one such team and follow their trials and tribulations, or may even consist of two or three teams and their interactions, depending on the interest this generates.

    Q: What do you need?

    Mostly, I need roleplayers. But if you happen to be good at making maps, or drawing mechanations that slightly resemble bugs, PM me. XD If people are interested with the core matter of this rp, then I'll move on to explain the roles and customs of this world. Hell, if you have any ideas you feel might be cool or fun, throw 'em at the message board and we can see if they fit! I'm open.
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