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  1. My idea is sort of like your typical Sleeping Beauty thing. But I think it would be fun to have a bit of a twist. Maybe MxM or FxF. I will do FxM but but you'd have to convince me to do so with an interesting idea because the other two are already not the norm of the story and could make it interesting right off the bat. I want to start the roleplay off with one character already in the deep sleep and the other finding them. This is of course negotiable and I would prefer someone who could bring ideas to the table. Please let me know what you think.
  2. I like the idea of the sleeping beauty role play. I pretty much only do Fxf. I would like to hear out your storyline ideas and generas you want to combine with it. Then I can add more ideas to it and better know where your coming from.
  3. So I was thinking that one of us could obviously play the sleeping beauty character and the other possibly be a knight? Maybe a woman who always wanted to fight so she cut her hair and bound her chest? She finds the sleeping woman and is captivated by her always knowing she was different because she liked women more than men. She finds the princess or whomever breathtakingly beautiful and decides to kiss her, maybe on the cheek or forehead, possibly on the lips. The princess knows that only true loves kiss will wake her up and when she does she sees the woman and is completely surprised that the love of her life is a female and not a prince. Then after that it is more of a forbidden love story. We can always discuss to!
  4. Ooh. I like the idea more. Which role would be the more dominate role? I ask because O can do both dominate and submissive. I love being submissive and do not mind playing dominate at all.
  5. Hmm well I have not given it too much thought. I can be sub or dom as well. :) Maybe the knight is more dominant? You can play whomever and decide whether or not they are submissive or dominant. Sound fair? I'll play the other according to what you choose.
  6. Mind then if I do the submissive princess, turned romantically slave for her true love?
  7. Well... Hmm. You want this to be a master and slave type thing?
  8. We can I love it cause with Master and slave there are so many avenues and situations our characters can find themselves in and with your character being a dominate female knight. My character a pampered princess with submissive nature would be frequently getting into trouble or trying to find ways to please her love.
  9. That could be interesting. The princess is always getting in trouble so the knight has to bail her out. Although she loves her she finds that she is somewhat of a burden.
  10. Plus also there would be the situation of while the knight loves her, she would have to punish the princess for getting into trouble and causing her to bail out her slave lover.
  11. Sure. I'm not too good at being really dominant so just bare with me.
  12. I can do that. Do you have any character templates we can use?
  13. I like simplicity. Name, age, maybe a picture? If you'd like to go into more detail you can but I prefer to do that in the actual roleplay.
  14. Okay. Do you want to post your first so I can mirror off yours, and Also would you like to Role Play in here, on new threat, or in pm?
  15. Sure I can do that. Do you prefer thread or PM?
  16. It matter not to me. You pick.
  17. Are we still going to Role Play?