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  1. A year ago or so, I had a dream (more like a nightmare) that I have been thinking about ever since. I decided it would make an interesting roleplay, but before I get onto it there's some information below about expectations.

    • I can reply once every other day-twice a week to RP, so I expect a reply along that time frame from you - I am online to talk OOC frequently though.
    • I am fairly detailed, with my usual post length being three-four detailed paragraphs (more when required). I would ask you to mirror that, I accept less if I don't give you a lot to work with though.
    • Spelling and grammar are important to me.
    • Multiple characters are essential for this idea, but please be comfortable playing NPCs as well.
    • Talking to me OOC is essential for plot development, and I like talking to people in general!
    • This RP is 18+ for sexual themes, however, actual smut may not be included.
    The idea:

    The RP would be set in a burlesque in the East End of London, which is run by a French woman in her mid-fifties. Many girls (and boys) work and perform there, some even live there. The owner, prohibits any sort of drug use and prostitution and likes to keep her establishment purely performance based. Things start to change as her business takes a hit from the recession, and she has to bring in 'investors'. Investors who push the owner out and want big changes to compete with other places that are more modern and offer other services. The industry is very competitive, and a gang-like culture has formed. The vulnerable young women and men who work for are suddenly subjugated to more unruly people watching performances, and expecting them to 'put out' afterwards. A prostitution ring is soon set up, fearing they'd lose their jobs, they comply. The investors are incredibly cruel in their treatment of these people, and start encouraging drug use to make them work for less.

    My main character would be one of the young girls who performs, yours would be one of the men (or women, but we'd have to see how that'd work) who have started running the business, and there would be a rocky romance between them, as she is obviously being used by the burlesque and he is contributing to her suffering. I am more than happy to double for this and do the exact same pairing for you though. I am also hoping for us to play a group of these performers, and show the comradery and friendship between them during the tough times (maybe even another relationship, this time a FxF or MxM relationship between that group)

    Please PM me if you're interested, if you can't PM yet, leave a message below.
  2. Ooh, are you still looking for a partner for this? I am quite interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.