An idea in need of a partner

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  1. So I do have an idea for a roleplay, but it needs a partner. Of course there is oppertunity for it to be changed a bit. I just want the basics. So here it is.

    There is a princess of ssorts, and it is time for her to be courted. Her parents are obviously making her to marry one of surrounding kingdoms prince's. There is a large compition being held to find out which prince will get her hand.
    Here is where it can be changed. It can be either she doesn't want to marry any of the them, and desides to run away, and ends up meeting someone, Or it can be that there is one of the competitors that catches her eyes, or something of those likes.

    That is really all that I have thought out for right now. I know that is not too much, I just am feeling that kind of base line...

    If there is anyone that seems interesting, then please! Let me know!
  2. I'd be interested! :D

    Just one question, what sort of pairing do you want to do gender-wise?
  3. I usually tend to play female. I have found that I am not too good with description with males
  4. I'm fine with playing either gender, really. Though what sort of pairing do you want to do, FxF or FxM? I'm fine with either.
  5. Probably a FxM. It works a bit better with what I invision in my head
  6. Alright, I guess I'll play the male then.

    I think I like the scenario where she runs away and ends up meeting someone, but I'm fine with what you might prefer to do.
  7. I like that idea too :)
  8. So, perhaps we could both type out our forms for our characters? Or should we just start the thread and introduce them there?
  9. Which one do you prefer?
  10. Personally, I prefer making forms for our characters. What about you?
  11. I can do both. I don't mind making them. So we can make one :)
  12. Could you make yours first, so that I know what details I should include in mine?
  13. Sure :) You want me to just post it in a thread??
  14. Alright, go ahead and do that, but please link me to the thread when you make it.
  15. Of course :) I will do it once I get home in a couple of hours
  16. I'll be waiting patiently, then.~
  17. Ok. I am Half way done.
  18. Hey! If you're looking to do the other option, I'm currently looking for something to pass the time :P

    I play male characters all the time so it wouldn't be a problem. Let me know if you're interested!
  19. I absolutly want to!
  20. Not sure if you'd want a third version of this XD But this sounds mighty interesting. Either scenario works for me; I don't mind playing the guy.