An idea for a sci fi adventure...

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  1. Okay so...

    I've had this idea buzzing through my head like so many insects, it's driving me crazy and it set my imagination on fire

    Basically, here's the gist of it, I'm going to combine several things I really like

    Our characters are just teens in school, they're average to below average intelligence, every single one of them struggles with academics, some more then others.

    This is not a slice of life roleplay, nor a school roleplay, to stop you now.

    What this is about, is simple

    These students, whom we play, are selected by a top secret government organization, who want to test something, some extremely advanced nanorobots, after selecting these students they are told that they have an opportunity

    Agree to be injected with experimental nanites, and potentially be improved in intelligence a great deal, or perhaps suffer horrid death due to failure, or walk away.

    As the students grow up into adults, it turns out they were not injected merely for the sake of an experiment, and the government explains they need some top scientists for a secret project now...
  2. No one huh? I guess I'll consider my idea a dud and move on
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.