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  1. I had this idea of a OC will fall in love with a celebrity and they fall in love back, you are able to choose the celebrity you choose to play or a OC character could be like a assistant to them and aren't that nice at first but then become to like their assistant or they meet/bump into somewhere and just get along or i don't mind playing the celebrity if you would prefer that
    it will be a romance RP and i don't mind who the celebrity is as i mentioned

    It was just an idea, and i'm willing for more options on this :)
  2. I'll be a celebrity. :D
  3. awesomeee, know who you would play? :)
  4. Would it be a celebrity of today? Like Taylor Lautner or Cody Simpson?
  5. it can be who ever you want to play
  6. I have a well developed celebrity character ready to go :D
  7. Eh. If you want to take on this thread with her. I'm fine with that, since I don't have time I won't be doing this one.
  8. i don´t mind who does but i won´t be on until 2nd august as on holiday