INTEREST CHECK An Idea; Angels/Demons

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  1. So, I had this roleplay set up on a couple of other sites but it never really took off so I might as well post the idea here and see what people think.
    This is me really, really, really condensing it all:
    Basically four demons and four angels are forced by their superiors (Devil, God) to live together for a year. Shenanigans ensue.

    I have a much more detailed plot and stuff, but for now I figured this would be enough. Any questions ask me and I shall answer them to the best of my abilities.

    Angel Male: OPEN
    Angel Female: Reserved- Cookies Need Love
    Angel Male: Reserved- Ruikio
    Angel Female: Reserved- Equinox

    Demon Male: OPEN
    Demon Female: Reserved- luvable-lil-monster
    Demon Male: OPEN
    Demon Female: OPEN
  2. -Waves hand dramatically- I call Angel!
  3. *Waves back dramatically*
    One Angel reserved!
    I should probably add a list of reserved/open characters...
    Angel furl or angel boy??
  4. Hmmm... I dunno... I could be either... Boy I guess.
  5. Awesome, thanks for being the first to show interest :)
  6. And now... We wait >_> <_<
  7. Indeedly so, and such.

    Have you seen the new Avenger movie?
  8. Rui shall join
    As an angel boy ^_^ totally passing up a chance, but whatevs.
  9. Thank you!! Two angel boys... This is not how I was expecting it to go XD
  10. Lol I could change mine...
  11. NO! Boys are good, very good! And now I don't feel guilty about choosing a girl Angel XD
  12. I CALL GIRL ANGEL!!!!!
    . .
  13. alright... now where are those pesky demons >.> <.<
  14. hrmm...late as usual...
  15. XD
    Of course, we have all our Angels and those troublemakers are just stalling! Tsk, tsk!