An Icy Romance! (God, that joke was bad, I'm sorry)


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I generally like a little bit of everything, but my favorite would be Romance and Drama.
So, yeah, since I have watched "I, Tonya" today and I've always loved skating, I decided that it would porbably be a nie idea to have a roleplay involving a figure skater character.

My idea would be fairly simple. A young girl with a few dreams, some troubles, pushing herself to get better and all.. but yeah, I'd like to keep it pretty realistic, since I'm a fan of the realistic, drama packed stories.
Well, this is gonna be a short post, sorry.

I only roleplay on discord and this time I insist on playing the ice skating girl, the roleplay would take place in a college and this time I insist on this rp being an FxM one. I am capable of writing long responses, just give me something to work with and even if my brain is fried, I will try my best.

So, that's that. Sorry for the lame post, feel free to hit me up whenever! I'm always active!