An Eye for an Eye

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  1. Siren Trist moves into a new house in an old neighborhood, in the town of HeavensFall.
    The new town is old, and pretty small.
    Everyone knows each other, and they all know the secret of her new house.
    No one's lived there for over ten years, and everyone knows why,
    but no one will tell Siren.

    She takes the top room, near the attic.
    It's beautiful, and has it's own little seat in the window.
    Inside the closet, she finds an old jewelry box, with a few rings inside,
    and an eye carved into the top.

    The tune it plays reminds her of a woman humming.
    It's pretty creepy- as is the rest of the house.
    It's an old Victorian style home,
    and in the basement, there's a locked room no one can get into.

    Siren finds boxes of old dresses, jewelry, books, and pictures.
    At night, she hears things moving around inside the house-
    right out her door.

    She sees things in the corner of her eyes,
    hears whispers follow her.
    And soon, it won't be so innocent,
    soon, it'll get violent.

    Just as it alwa[SIZE=3]y[SIZE=3]s has- to every family.
    Can she find out the histroy of the home in time?

    Character profile:

    Apperance: (Image, please.)
    Background story:

    Name; Siren Trist
    Age: 17
    H[SIZE=3]eight: 5'5
    [SIZE=3]Likes: [SIZE=3]Baking, Sleeping, reading, art, taking pictures, writing, singing, sweets, making clothes.
    Dislikes: Liars, cheaters, bullies, secrets, horror
    Background story: Siren's father got a new jo[SIZE=3]b in the small town of HeavensFall.
    She's moved here with her mother, father, and little sister.
    Soon, things become dangerous though.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.