An event horizon.

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  1. Earth. Hmmph, not much else to say. As many worlds before it, it succumbs to age and all the happenings which come with the harsh passage of time. Something bleak is looming over the world, unknown and unseen; a predator of galaxies, an eater of worlds. It's very presence has begun to distort the world, but only in small ways. Anomalous events on small scales such as a gust of wind, the shifting of a sand dune or the rustling of a hedgerow. Little time remains before the true power of this heavenly being begins to awaken.

    Place yourself somewhere, anywhere. A made up character or just you. Maybe you see something strange, something which shouldn't be. A news report of odd little happenings. Who are you, what are you doing at this moment, unaware of the thing which hurtles its way through time and space? Think reality, then again you may not want to for too long. I'll start along shortly.
  2. Thunder outside, spring again with some needed rain. Getting a bit dry as of late, but at least the days recently have been kept with an inviting blue sky and plenty of sun, past few have gone from cheery to that murky overcast, shedding a bit of light and rain on it's way through. I sat around screwing with my left thumbnail, slowly prying the very edge off as a sloppy means to having a "trimmed" nail. Back door creaked open and followed with that shaky slap to the door frame as the old walls thundered. Wasn't sure how old the house was, though judging from the build I'd guess back in the sixties. Found out it'd been moved thirty feet to the north once, had a basement built for it as well. Funny that it turned into a rental property at one point in it's life.

    With a flicker the blinds rustled, my window sealed shut behind it. Surprised I jumped toward the window in hopes I'd find that damn mouse, but to no luck. That's the fifth time this week. Can't seem to figure out what it is. At that moment I realized there was a sudden stop in the rain followed by an even harsher downpour. Hmmph, spring rains, never know...
  3. Josie stood outside with her arms spread out, reaching for the sky. She enjoyed the rain. The lightning didn't frighten her. The rain felt good on her skin. then she had the urge to try something new. she reached her right open palm up, and told the rain to stop. Everything stopped. the rain practically evaporated mid-air.
    "continue." she said, bringing her hand down to her side. then it all poured. the water came down twice as hard, making up for the lost time before. she started walking back to the barn she was hiding in for about a month. her husky dog came running out to her, splashing in the mud.
    "Hey, hey, hey! calm yourself!" she told him, giving him a big wet hug.
  4. Just a few miles off the outskirts of Carson City out in Nevada the land looked strange, only for small unnoticed area. Lush green fields, sheep roaming off in the distance. The smell of the ocean near and a cool wind. The image remained, unchanging and growing while somewhere in Northern Ireland along the coast reflected hot desert sand, the image creeping toward the coast. Unsettling. In the distance off the Irish coast the sea stirred, images reflecting far off places. A whirlpool began to form, working its way South-West into a large bay toward a small city.

    I awoke. The rain outside had ceased and the sun had begun to creep up the horizon. Something seemed off. This is the mid-West, are those seagulls I hear outside?
  5. The rain had finally cleared up after a quick nap. Josie stretched as she opened the door of the barn. Her dog barked as a gull swiped down at her head.
    "Eeek!" She screamed. She fell over and saw a cloud of the annoying birds, squawking as they flew.
    "Man I hate these birds! She said, covering her head. She growled, grabbed her umbrella by the door, then put her fist in the air, then lowered it fast. She opened her umbrella quickly. Ice chunks of abnormal sizes fell from the sky, hitting the birds from the air.
    She watched as some birds scatter as others were stuck and fell dazed from the sky.
  6. "This is Fox 4 with your early morning news. This morning local authorities are baffled as to how two metropolitan buses appeared on top of the Union Station building sometime in the night. No extensive damage confirmed but local investigators are baffled as to who could have pulled such an elaborate prank in the dead hours of the night. More at ten--..." The television clicked on with the alarm, blaring out the local news. I turned and slapped the side of the stereo to shut the sound out and stuffed my face back into the layers of blankets huddled over me. Then I heard something. A faint plopping on my roof, like something of size was pelting it. I jumped up, pulled on a pair of jeans and jumped out the back door to be met with about a dozen dead birds littering the driveway and roof. Shaking my head in disbelief I looked up toward an overcast sky, the morning sun gleaming off the foggy ceiling of the sky. Weird. Not a bird in sight.