An Epic Search for Group rps

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  1. Hello hunters!~

    Please, call me Pray. Everything you need to know about me is in my rp resume. So! I will keep this short and to the point in hopes I find a few perfect groups for me! I'm keeping everything a bit vague as I'm open to all sorts of plots that fall in these categories/genres below:

    Type of Group:

    -Intermediate/advanced/adept level
    -Smallish group size (3-10 at most)
    -Relaxed, chilled group and plot
    -Relatively slow posting speed (At most 2 posts a week)
    -Friendly, enthusiastic rp'ers and OOC thread

    Group rps I'm most interested in:

    -Surreal slice of life
    -Modern fantasy
    -Fantasy (low)
    -Space Exploration/Alien planets
    -Criminal/gang wars

    Groups I am open to:

    -Historical (Any region either by fact or loosely based)
    -School/Academy/Boarding school
    -High Fantasy
    -Monster hunters/hunters in general
    -Libertine (More plot than sex)

    Groups that I'm not interested in:

    -Anime physics
    -Libertine (All smut, fetish based)
    -Those with inventory/stats
    -Romance only/matchmaker, hetero-only
    -War time

    Updated Announcements (4/20/17)

    -Summer is approaching! I will able to accept more heavy based, extremely detailed rps.
    -I am open to filling most slots/roles for struggling rp's looking for specific roles to be played. I do not participate in rp's with sexual roles, for example: 'We need so and so dominates and so and so submissives'
    -I am concentrating on 'eccentric' characters. They may not fit in some types of rp's.
    -Please, be dedicated to your rp. While I enjoy creating new characters, it's getting disheartening being never able to play them or only playing them for one post before the rp dies.
    -I'm open to Discord rp's/OOCs.

    Please note, to those with inventory/stats, I'm a beginner to the whole idea. I'll need some guidance.~

    Thank you for taking the time to check this out! Please, don't let the date of this advertisement or posts stop you from contacting me. I'm always interested in group rps and willing to check out what's offered!

    Free to either post in this thread or send me a PM!

    Happy hunting~

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  2. I've got a high fantasy RP that's currently in the interest check stage. It'll probably be a while till the OOC is up, but I think it's worth checking out in the meantime!
  3. I'm really curious what deters you from roleplays that have an inventory system? ^.^
  4. Mostly because I end up forgetting about my items in the rp or don't update if I've used everything. If the rp has a merchant system as well then I'm even more lost and forgetful!

  5. Well darling, I have several different roleplays that use these perks, but the things is:
    I keep track of everything for you.
    So no need for forgetting things when I'll be your remember-er :P
    I have three group roleplays open right now, would you like to hear about any of them?
  6. Since you'll mostly be in charge of inventory, I'm more open to the idea.~

    Yes, I'm curious of your group rps and would love info about all of them @WhisperingWillows
  7. Wuinderre-Expanse is a post-apocalyptic fantasy about your characters fulfilling a prophecy to find a new world for the remaining humans on the now ravaged Earth to inhabit. This new world is located in a rip in the dimension in Central Park, New York.

    A Planet to Colonize: Floranota is a science fantasy about colonists going to a new planet called "Floranota". They are there to colonize the planet for this alternate Earth's benefit. The main idea of this roleplay is that the natives and the colonists use different flower types to create and use magic.

    Seasonal Island Kingdoms is a High Fantasy about an archipelago of five islands that is surrounded by a magical energy. This energy makes four of the five islands one season all year long. While the fifth island is all seasons in one year. Many of the other islands believe that the fifth island; Nuetolam is for the taking, even though they have a small council of elders that rules them. Which island will you give your allegiance to?

    More information about all roleplays can be found in each link. :) Thank you~!
  8. Hi! I'm starting up a group rp, and I think you might find it interesting. It's an urban fantasy/light horror story about monster hunters. I don't know yet how many people will be playing, though. Here's the post, if you want to check it out:

    (Also, I'll probably be starting up a dystopian dieselpunk group rp at some point, so you might want to keep an eye out for it ;3 )
  9. @Pray4me

    Hi, if you still haven't found an RP, you can check this out.

    Dante's Inferno+Literature RP (Looking for a female character)

    It's a Group Ad, but it's there I put the pros, cons, and requirements of playing. I'm looking for the last person to play a female character. It's intermediate/adept, a small group of a maximum of 5 players (we're currently 4), and it's very plot driven. It has a lot of Fantasy elements, but you'd have to know someone from mythology or literature to play.
  10. If you're still interested my RP is open. It's School/Academy/Boarding school, modern, and Slice of Life. Check it out if you want!

    OPEN SIGNUPS - School Of Life Sign Up

  11. I have a horror rp up if you want to look, let me know
  12. Just a friendly reminder that I'm always open for group rps! Have a rp you think I may be interested in? Please post~
  13. In need of more group rps. Leave a message or send a PM with info about your group rp~
  14. Hello :)
    If you're interested my sister is trying to get an Akatsuki rp started up.
    It's a light fandom focused on the next generation
    Naruto: An Akatsuki Story
  15. I'm trying to drum up interest in a Modern Sci-fi Revolution RP with faction-based moral ambiguity, although you might not like that I'm hoping to find a large number of players. Let me know if you're interested at all.
  16. I'm interested in checking it out and seeing how large the player base will be.
  17. There's links in my siggy, but if you're on mobile sometimes like myself, I can give you links. There's a Regular Version and a Redstar Version that utilizes sexuality as a plot device, take your pick. Right now, the Redstar Version has some interest, while the regular version is DOA
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  18. Always up for new or existing groups! Need some new members for it? Please consider me.~