An Epic Quest (PrincexPartDragon/Peasant rp)

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Ok so i have this idea that i really want to do that is a Prince x Peasant/Part Dragon pairing. I want this to be a versatile relationship because i find it more fun that way. So i little about my roleplaying style and what i expect from my partner. I write anywhere from 2 to 6+ roleplays and i can post several times a day or once a week, it really depends on how hectic my schedule is that week and whether or not i have writers block. Now i would like my RP partner to be able to write atleast one good paragraph, be willing to talk and share ideas with me and tell me if they aren't gonna post for awhile, be it because your busy or you just don't feel like it that day since i understand how that is. if you have successfully read all of this please put a little smiley face in the message you send me, either in this thread or in PM's. Anyways here is my idea:

The Background/Lore: there use to be dragons all over the realm but they became near extinct when the knights began to slaughter them for the gold they collected and in search for a special gem that the dragons spent centuries trying to protect from both mortals and magical beings alike because it gives the wielder unimaginable power. Now only a few exist and many of them aren't even full dragons because they had to find a way to stay hidden from the knights that still hunt their kind. when their race began to become extinct they split the gem in half and gave one to a dragon rider/protector and one to a dragon. one piece was given to YC, having been passed down by his mother/father/guardian/mentor (your choice), and one piece was given to MC who, unbeknownst by him or anyone in the kingdom, is actually a bastard child and the shard was left to him by his real mother who died giving birth to him. So it's destiny that brought them together because the two shard carriers are meant to find one another and piece the shards together and take it to the dragons peak where no one with evil intentions can enter so it will be safe.

How They Meet: when the prince was really little he went into the dark forest (hoping for a kind of fantasy medieval setting.) and he was trapped by some evil beings and your character actually saves him and escorted him back to the castle and that is the last they ever see of each other until the prince is all grown up and goes back into the dark forest and finds your characters caged and saves him and by saving him puts himself at serious risk because your character is wanted by the evil beings who will do anything to have your character. when he saves him the beings (haven't decided what I want them to be either warlocks, orcs or ogres or some other thing) think they are both together and they have to run away and the kingdom thinks that the prince and heir to the throne was kidnapped. Soon your character see's that the prince actually holds the second piece of the shard so instead of taking him back to the castle he must convince the Prince to go with him to piece the shards back together and embark on this dangerous quest.
Not open for further replies.