An Epic Adventure anyone?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in do an rp that involves an epic adventure/quest? For some reason I just started wanting to an rp like this, I do have a plot:

    A band of unlikely heroes- who believe it or not don't get along at all and don't trust each other either- have to learn to work together and learn to trust one another. They have to travel across several countries (Thodor, Stiysole and Toslax), it will be a perilous and hard journey. The reason they are all together in the first place was because a magical being (Haven't decided if it was a mage or wizard) had come to them- each one of them- and told them that they need to go to Theuzedal- to stop an evil and evil that was raising an army of undead as well as demons, and this evil wanted to conquer their world.

    And if anyone is wondering, yes all races are accepted.
  2. I'm interested, though I'd like to know a little more about the setting
  3. If I get more people to join then I will talk about the setting.
  4. Okay, sounds fair
    I guess I'll just hold tight for a bit then
  5. But if no one else joins then it's just me and you. And of course I will explain still.
  6. This sounds super cool! Count me interested c;
  7. Alrighty hopefully one more person joins.
  8. I have a character that would be perfect for this plot. :)
  9. I'm definitely interested. Also, I make maps. And banners. And sometimes collages. And I simply love sorting everyone's characters into organized charts.

    I suggest having people claim roles. A party of eight could be messy and a small party with two warriors and an archer would be imbalanced. So maybe have slots for an archer, a tank, a rogue, a healer, a mage, and an extra (like a bard or a mixed class)?
  10. Well, seeing as this is a roleplay and not a roleplaying game, we don't exactly have to have a 'balanced' team, since we won't necessarily have stats.

    Also, tentatively interested.
  11. Alright so I think I have everyone. And as I stated in the first post, all races and types are welcome.
  12. My character is a fairy. :)
  13. I think I'd like to make an elf character, standard fantasy stuff
  14. I might play as a human, dwarf, or hobbit, but would like to see what others choose first so I can help balance the party.
  15. I'm stuck between choosing an Elf or a Drow Elf. Can't decide...
  16. Hm, I think I'll actually go for an angel or a seraph some sort then, so we don't clash ovo
  17. I don't see a reason not to have two elves. Most parties have a few humans.
  18. Very true ovo
    I think it'll mostly depend on what fc's I can find lying around. Nothing's set in stone yet, though, so I guess we'll see! I think mixing races might fit the plot a 'lil better though, since the characters are supposed to clash at first
  19. I'm very fond of Drow, so that's what I'll play a Drow Elf. Sairoh you can play an Elf if you want, it's fine with me. And yep nothing is really set in stone yet.
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