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  1. Hello! I am new to the sight but I am not new to roleplaying. All of the following RPs can be either MxF or FxF.

    More will be added later!

    Red Mist Manor
    A place ageless in time, the Red Mist Manor appears to those who are near death and deserve to live. It is only staffed by a single maid who is with child. The maid, however, is bound to the manor and so will her child if they are not released from it. However, the only way to release her from the manor is for her to become wed. She was lied to and taken advantage of by the previous individual the Manor deemed worthy, making her doubt her chances of being granted her freedom.

    The Crimson Princess
    In the kingdom of Trayven, the Crimson Princess Isabel Valga has come to inherit the throne, but is forced to lead her people as strife plagues the land under threat of war. In the meantime she is courted by a variety of individuals, none of which have gone so far as to make her smile. However, an unexpected suitor soon makes their way into her life and becomes their secret lover as the Crimson Princess searches for a way to reveal this to her people.

    The Duchess and the Sage
    This RP involves a romance as the ruling Duchess of Viesche over one of a kingdom's many provinces unknowingly takes in a sage, a powerful magic user typically held in high esteem. The duchess' court, however, has grown paranoid of all magics but fortune-telling and seeks to prove the sage guilty of witchcraft so that she may be executed so that they can have more of an influence of the duchess' decisions.

    The Harem Girl
    The time has come for the heir to throne to begin their search for a noble spouse, but instead they find themselves, amidst all of the courtships, falling in love with a servant girl from the royal harem. The monarch soon finds themselves having a relationship with the harem girl in secret, but when the harem girl is pregnant with their child they have no choice but to admit to their parents what has happened and announce to the nation that instead of a noble the harem girl will rule by their side.
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  2. I really like Red Mist Manor seems like it would be fun, Harem girl as well.
  3. Please PM me and we can discuss ideas.
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