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  1. This is probably going to end up as one of those failed ideas that come from me lazing around on a Saturday afternoon but I'm going ahead with it anyways!

    So I'm assuming if you clicked on this thread that you actually know about Elsword. The anime MMO game, Elsword. I haven't played it in a while now and I want to start playing again but I just don't have the motivation (aka lazy).

    I was wondering if anyone else wanted to form a team in-game so I actually have a reason to log on. You don't have to create a new character but that's what I'm going to do and I don't imagine that it'd be much fun to go over a level 1 dungeon with a level 52 Aisha (Unless you get kicks off insta-kills).

    Oh and one of my personal preferences would be if said people were in the Pacific timeline area. I don't want to log on at two in the morning just so we can meet up. But hey, if you don't mind becoming an insomniac than go ahead! ^^
  2. I'm already an insomniac. If I can get time for anew game in my life I'll have all the prerequisites!
  3. I play Elsword regularly. If you need help leveling or want to have some free stuff, message Giansee, Eriasee or Nerasee in-game, send me a PM or a profile message. The only one character I have right now in your level range is Nerasee, who is a 47 Code Nemesis, but I can catch up to you with her in no time. If you want to be carried though... I have more than enough means to do so.
  4. Haha I can relate to that. (sorry for the late response)

    Ah fast leveling is exactly what I need! I'll get to messaging Nerasee then since I don't want to completely ride things out. Expect a message somewhere this week (although I may not be able to play for long hours until the weekends roll around).
  5. All right then, I will level Nerasee to 52 in a couple of days, I think. I am not sure how fast it will go, because it depends on my mood to play her and the server load.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.