An Eldar subdued.

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  1. Yea, I'm in a grimderp kind of mood... >.>

    What I am looking for is to do an Eldar and Imperium role play, preferably having my partner play an inquisitor or a commissar. A Death Korps would also be quite interesting! I would expect this to be a bit violent, hence the 40k universe, as well as a bit dark. At the same time I would like some form of love to bloom causing HERESY! *Is shot by the local friendly commissar for such*

    So, would you be willing to play this with me? Please? I know not many know this universe well and I am more than willing to help you however I can as I am a bit too engrossed in it.

    A reference for my eldar:
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    I would love to do this with you!
  3. Huzzah! *dances a bit in glee, is subsequently eaten by Slannesh* So what would you like to play as?
  4. An Inquisitor works for me
  5. Alright, I'm assuming Ordo Xenos then.

    I am currently at work but will reply for plottings when I can.
  6. I am open to a character sheet if you wish to make one.
  7. Name: Iryen Nalsir

    Age: 426 Earth cycles

    Path: Command

    Craftworld: Fiallathandirel

    History: Assumed the path of the leader more than a century ago in order to keep her world from falling after it's seer council, who had been the sole leaders, was killed in a battle with Chaos Heretek's and their black skittarii. Her craftworld suffered greatly, floating near dead in space for more than a decade as they fought to coax the wraithbone to regrow, a viscious virus had been left behind by the hordes of chaos. She ended up caught in her position, only recently beginning to train another as the new generation of Eldar to walk the path of the Seer come to control themselves in order to reinstate their rule.

    Personality: Borders the typical personality of an Eldar, having a hard time keeping her emotions as in check as the rest. Iryen tends towards the extremes, enjoying the thrill of battle and the anger of loss more than she should. She fears for her own soul due to it, knowing if she doesn't maintain her own emotional stasis she would either fall to the darkness or be consumed by She Who Thirsts.

    War Gear: Executioner, Shuriken pistol, Eldar Mesh Armour.

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  8. I'm still working on a CS, but I have to go to work ><
  9. Is alright, whenever you get a chance.
  10. Name: Pawil Kunz

    Age: 228

    Path/Class: Inquisitor for the Ordo Xenos

    Homeworld: Terra

    History: (I enjoy telling characters History through RP if you don't mind D:)

    Personality: (Same with this o.o)

    War Gear: Power Armor, Bolt Pistol, Power Sword, Pysker Abilities (Not War Gear, but you know :P)

    Appearance: (His face)


    (His armor)

  11. Is perfectly alright, I assumed a commander of even a small eldar craftworld would have some level of infamy that would be known by the ordo.
  12. Yes ^^

    Maybe he is hunting her down because he was given information or he believes that she was going to strike at a Imperial World?
  13. Aye I was thinking something along those lines actually, perhaps intercepting her at a crone world.
  14. That works ^^

    Also, good thing Inquisitors work alone :P
  15. More or less... I mean Eisenhorn had a couple followers as did Ravenor. I would imagine he'd at least requisition help to subdue her. Guard make good meatshields while Deathwatch can handle the true threats.
  16. Well yes. I meant Inquisitors normally go alone, but they can request (Command) help from the Guard or even Space Marines. Normally you don't see more than one Inquisitor, unless it is a special occasion.
  17. True... I feel like having more than one person capable of calling an exterminatus a bad thing in any system let alone sector.

    So! Anything you'd like to hash out?
  18. Hmmm....I don't know. Trying to think of what to hash out xD
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