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  1. If you could send an e-mail to a younger version of yourself... 10 years ago... 20 years ago... even 2 months ago, or yesterday, what would you tell yourself? What advice might you send in that e-mail, knowing what you know today?

    (And let's say information purely for financial gain (e.g. bet all your money on the Giants beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl, or investing in Apple) are off limits.)

    Would you give yourself encouragement during your darkest years? Would you tell your younger self not to date that guy or girl, not to pursue a particular career, where to live, where to find happiness or avoid pain?

    I plan to use this question/exercise with my Japan English class tomorrow, and may use your input as examples :) And, I'll post my own letter to my younger self shortly.
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  3. Show Spoiler

    Hey, lil' idjit, I need to tell you a few things.

    It's your Junior year now, and your life is about to get a whole lot closer to resembling hell. Treat your mom good so you don't regret the words left unsaid, save as much as you can for when shit hits the fan, and for the love of God don't try smoking-- especially if you want to get into Cross Country.

    I know you think you're on top of the world right now, but you need to understand that you have to find more to live for than thinking you're hot shit. Some day soon, your high horse is going to sink into quicksand beneath you, and you're going to have to be ready to crawl out of it.

    You know that girl you like right now? Pick loyalty over looks. The most beautiful flower in the world is nothing if it wilts the moment things go wrong, and looking at how horribly you handled Senior Year I'd say that loyalty has always been an issue for you.

    And, listen, don't be a jerk. Don't scoff and say you're too busy and cancer isn't really a big deal, 'cause guess what's about to tear your family apart? Far too often you resemble Odysseus in hubris, and that's a bad thing.

    Above all... Never forget that I'm watching, and I'm dealing with the consequences of every decision you make. Just as the me ten years from now is facing what I do today, the you now actively shapes who I am.

    Don't screw it up.
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  4. (Written to myself just after graduating from high school and about to start college)


    Congratulations on graduating from high school! I know you didn't put everything into it, but you put enough effort to have decent grades. Enjoying the high school life was important to you, I know... occasionally I miss those days as well.

    I'm guessing you wouldn't believe it if I told you who this is, but I will anyway. It's you, from the future. And, man is it a bright future! You end up working at an engineering firm first, but then you end up doing some cool stuff as an officer in the Air Force! And then, you end up working for the US government while in Korea, and Japan, where you are as I type this out. I know for sure you won't believe it, because despite knowing everything I know now, I still can't believe it myself.

    I send this e-mail now because I know college will be a struggle for you, sometimes that struggle still haunts me at night in my dreams. Difficult subjects, difficult instructors, and well, you know how you are, you struggle to fit in with fellow students. It's going to seem like an endless, hopeless struggle in college. Just survive it. No matter how bad the grades look, a degree is a degree no matter what the grades look like, and work is where it really counts, where the "grades" actually mean something and lead you to a better path. The tunnel is dark now, but I'm sharing the image of the light with you. Just survive it, man... you're gonna love what's on the other side of college.

    Also, don't listen to people telling you that you're too skinny. They're just jealous.

    Take Care,

    And those girls who dumped you in high school? There's going to be some girls in college, too, who think you're "not good enough". But, there's going to be this thing called social media where you post photos of the beautiful women you're dating now, while they'll be lonely and kicking themselves over dumping you. Cool huh?
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  5. ((Note: My life was kinda fuckin' rough, so skip over this if you get squeamish easy.))

    Dear me of five years ago,

    No, you won't die by the age of 20. I know, fuckin' nuts right? So you should probably prepare for your adulthood a little better.

    Yes, you'll be alone for a couple years. No, women don't complete you, fucktard. Significant Others are part of your life, they're not the sum of your life. You share happiness with them, don't drown them in your regrets. Yes, your father's gonna drown in alcohol for a while, but he'll bounce back if you keep caring about him like you do. Yes, your mother did leave you to die and took off with 100K and your college dreams to go sell lingerie. No, that's no reason to carry that hatred in you. I know, it's addicting, to validate your own righteous crusade, but you only let the assholes who tormented you win.

    Yes, the mental scars do ease over time. Just don't nearly drink yourself into an early death, that was fuckin' stupid. Three cans of absinthe is not the way to die, a'ight?

    The one smart thing you did with women was refuse to surrender who you were to wear a masquerade around them. Don't fuckin' regret that, it's better for you and them to just be yourself. That girl you're datin' right about now? She'll find someone better for her when she leaves you. N' you'll find someone better too, it'll just take you three years.

    People who leave you don't hate you, they stopped caring about you. The difference is huge.

    The only person you'll murder with rage is yourself.

    Don't stop trying to better yourself. Don't give up. I know it's fuckin' tempting, that pill bottle is real fuckin' tempting sometimes, but those tiny glimmers of hope you cling to? Keep clinging. When you're at the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on, the days where you starve cuz' you can't afford no fuckin' food will end. Keep climbing. Keep getting up. I know it hurts, but keep fuckin' doin' it, and for the love of christ, don't go blaming everyone else. The feminists, christians, and other folk who harassed you ain't fuckin' out to get you, they're out to validate themselves. Don't let them control your life, control your own life, and don't judge em' all by the actions of a few assholes within each. Seriously, the love of your life so far as I know it is a fuckin' Catholic. She's never hurt me in the seven months we've been a thing, so get past your stupid self-centered egotistical fear of other people just cuz' they see the world different to you. Unless they wanna kill you, then, y'know, you avoid those 'tards.

    Oh, and one last thing.

    You know that role play shit you got goin' on?

    Keep fuckin' rockin' that shit. You're great at it and you're just gonna get better. Just stop it with the pretentious elitist shit, though, nobody gives a fuck, they just wanna have fun like you.

    Sincerely, me of the less shitty future.
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  6. Dear younger Alan,

    This will probably be the very first email you'll ever receive. Hope Spring Break of 1997 is treating you well. I remember it as a decent time, anyway.

    Lots of shit will happen. Keep the negative thoughts away. It might seem difficult to do so at first, but this is vital. Keep your head up, learn to roll with the punches, and don't stress over every little thing that pops up. If you don't take my advise, this will cause a lot of future problems for you.

    Just take my word for it, and you'll be much better for it. Otherwise, you'll just learn these lessons the samy way I did: The hard way.

    Your older self
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  7. PS: Play D&D with that one guy named Brovo. You won't fuckin' regret it. I mean, 1997 though, he's still in a shitty place, but give it about fifteen years. Trust me, person who won't know me for over a decade.
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  8. Dear Mari,

    You won't believe this, but this is you... writing from the future. I know that you just started your first job after graduating from university, and it starts to look like a difficult life ahead of you if you stick to this job. Trust your instinct! You have to move on the next job. There are jobs that do not require so much unpaid overtime and having to work on the weekend. You just have to find the time and the energy to search for the next job.

    Do not put too much faith in the man you date. He has only his own interests, you will find out that he does not care for you as much as you think. Concentrate of finding and accomplishing your own happiness, because only you can do that... no one else will.

    And your parents will still be around in the future, so continue to be good to them! They will support you no matter what, and you will need them at times especially when you move on from your current job.

    Be strong, and do your best with honor and dignity. And continue to play football (soccer), it will be your source of fun and smiles for a while before you find your place in the professional world!

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  9. Okay okay, less depressing....

    Dear me of some years ago,

    You will be different from people and, later on, you will learn that you will always be different from people. You will never be wholly understood or accepted in your difference. Nor will you ever find a place where you are fully understood or accepted. People will see you as mystical, magical, and even more people will see you as terribly insane and delusional. You will find no solace in any friends or relatives. But this is alright. Expressing to them frightens and unnerves and your perceptions will find other avenues to manifest in ways the world will accept.

    You will never be fully capable of loving someone else, so you should stop trying to love the same way others do. You'll only hurt them when they fall fully in love with you.

    Concentrate on your studies. It's okay to seek out help. Avoid the medications; their quiet is more suffocating than relieving. Learn some code. It's not too different from writing.

    Learn to be okay with the concept of dying but don't seek out death. When you find the happy medium, things will begin to make sense. It's okay to feel and perceive the way you do but only a small minority of people will tell you that. That doesn't mean that the majority is correct. You're literally incapable of following the majority's word and that's okay. You'll find your own way.

    Soulless from a future time.

    wait was that actually less depressing
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  10. Dear seventh grade me,

    You don't know me yet, but I'm here. I'll always be here. You just haven't met me yet.

    Stop being such a little shit. That will get you nowhere in life. You need to man up and do your homework, because guess what? It's going to get a lot worse. Stop whining and stop complaining. It's not helping anything. In fact, it will always lead to trouble.

    I also want you to stop lying. You still don't have this skill down, as you lie about school and to protect yourself, but, I want you to start now. Be honest about something small, and then you will start being more and more honest. And as I said, you still won't have this down by your sophomore year.

    I have several more things to tell you. If you meet a girl that you like, don't be afraid to ask her out. They say that courage is working through the fear. Well, work through it. It will be worth it in the future.

    Life doesn't get easier. Along the road there's bumps, potholes, speed traps, and animals. You will receive insults, paper balls, even Death Threats, but you have to keep on the road. Don't be afraid.

    As I said, you don't know me, but I know you. You meet a nice girl in the future. You just keep doing what you're doing. After the rough patches, there will be smooth.

    -Your self from Sophomore year
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  11. Dear past me of various times,

    The legs of women won't replace the love mommy never gave you, so stop, it'll do more harm than good in the long run. Lashing out at everyone within two feet of you won't help the anger of not having daddy around, it'll only make it worse down the road. Keep crying those days when being lonely isn't bearable anymore no matter who does what to you because it isn't "masculine". Never stop being yourself on the basis of someone else's judgement, trust me, not holding your emotions in will save you a bunch of mental and identity issues. Never put those biology books down. And finally, stop looking for love in other people. You'll just get disappointed. You have more potential to make yourself happy than anyone else.

    A nerd
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  12. Ooh, I've written letters to future me, but not younger me. Funnn.

    Dear younger Sav,

    Aye, babu me. It's older you, writing to you from the future. I know you're pretty darn small, but let me tell ya, life has a lotttt in store for you, and things are going to be darn rough.

    If you haven't already, you're going to have to drop soccer due to some issues. You won't be able to partake in many physical activities, and you are going to hurt yourself A LOT, and be hurt a lot. But, you'll keep on trucking. I mean, I've gotten this far, and so will you.

    Uh, don't be too camera shy, because mother and father will always remember and throw it in our face to tease us about. Also, please say 'thank you' when you get compliments - disagreeing with them apparently is not a good thing.

    When you're out on the playground, do not let that third-fifth grade girl push you around. Seriously. You'll get in trouble is she twists up the swing you're on and pushes it. And on this note, also don't let that Alex guy get to you. He's going to pick on you about a lot of things, especially some sensitive ones, but try your hardest not to let him get to you.

    This might be the most important note - mother will get a job as an assistant teacher. Never go anywhere near her coworker's son. Ever. He's a ball of trouble and you want nothing to do with him. Trust me on that.

    Switch from public school to homeschool asap. It'll save you a lot of stress, and you'll learn a lot faster.

    Oh. And luckily for us, you don't have a heart attack or die at age 14-15. Every time it feels like you're having one, it's just costochondritis.

    There's more, but I've got to get to other things. So lastly, keep your chin up, little me. "After the rain comes the rainbow."

    -Older Sav

    Please stop being such a klutz. Don't whine. Also, even if you can pull it off - don't lick your elbow. It brings a world of pain.
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  13. Hey shitlord

    Do your fucking homework.
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  14. Greetings nerd, it's future nerd. Sup?

    Don't be a fool, stay in school. No, for real, I know high school sucks but the alternative sucks harder. Sure, it seems like good fun to be able to be a piece of shit and just sit around at home all day playing World of Warcraft, but you're gonna stop giving a shit about that in a few years anyway and what will you be left with then, eh? I went the piece of shit route, but then money troubles ensued like I fucking knew they were going to and then I had to go through the nonsense of taking dumbfuck level classes at a community college to get a high school degree, then over to another community college that fucked me over (when you get to college DO NOT trust the academic advisors to know for certain what they're talking about, mine said they offered a fully accredited transfer degree in a subject for which they didn't, so I got fucked and ended up with a shitty and useless Associate's Degree that was the only one I had the credits for), which led to going to a real university and finding out that the last 2 years of doing college meant fuck all outside of a few elective credits and I'd have to go through a full 4 years more to get that 4 year degree in Chemistry (yeah, I know, I was surprised I settled on that too, but it's actually really fun, hit up one of those intro level high school classes for it, trust me).

    Stick through the garbage that is school and get a job that pays well. It's worth the trouble in the end, without a doubt. Living paycheck to paycheck is balls. You don't want your life to be balls, do you?

    Future Nerd

    P.S. You didn't think I was just gonna give you some mentor style life advice, did you? I haven't changed that much. For really real, stick it out with the school and job stuff just to make life nice until you can cash in this sweet cheat to get the largest lottery payout ever. The Powerball numbers for January 9, 2016 are 16 19 32 34 57 and the powerball number is 13. In my timeline the jackpot went unclaimed and a few losers had to split the next drawing. Fuck 'em, get that cash for yourself. Oh, and if you want a more stable cash generator that isn't as likely to be fucked up by whatever time shenanigans is allowing me to communicate with you, invest money in Altria stock. It's the parent company of a lot of tobacco shit and it's sickeningly profitable. Enjoy the rich life, past nerd (or I guess alternate timeline nerd now).
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  15. "How the fuck are you reading this? Internet is not a thing yet!"
  16. Dearest Me,

    Actually you're trans

    I know it's a big insight and all.


    Dearest Me,

    5 minutes ago you got my letter

    closets are for dumb people

    so have fun in the closet


    thats my post quota for the next 3 months
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  17. Dear me,

    I've read your emails to the future. I'm sorry about your situation. But trust me, even if you do nothing different, you will manage to get through it.

    But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do something different.

    The school has a counsellor. They are there to help you. Talk with them now, not in three years when you are about to give up. You are vulnerable and need their help. Get it.

    Providence is a terrible reason to manage to be alive as old as we've gotten now.

    But know this, dad doesn't change.

    Be strong, love yourself, and accept yourself for who you are.

    There is a reason you're only happy in your dreams of being a woman.

    Also go ahead and get some dice, you'll be needing it.

    And have I told you about Aztec Mythology? Dude, you are going to fall in love.

    Just be aware that you'll lose contact with everyone you think of as a friend now, save one. You'll get new friends, and that's okay. The old become mostly people not worth having as friends to begin with.

    Also for the love of all that is pleasant do not do your stupid le edgy teen phase that you do when you start to come out, it's so fucking cringe inducing fuck.

    Like come on.

    Also losing the weight's easier than you think. You can do it. I did it.

    Also you have a couple of conditions that you won't know the full extent of for a while, so just a heads up look up Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and Elhers-Danlos Syndrome.

    Give Butch a hug for me. Keep Missy safe if you can. Sissy is a forlorn hope.

    If you end up retreading the same line of life as I did, be nicer to your first roommate than I was. She's not your crutch.

    Don't go to college just because you feel you have to, either. Save that money for when you're ready- if you're ready.

    Also don't be a dick about vegetarians. That's uncool.

    Never stop creating. Never stop loving. Never stop being radical.

    Also, while it'll still be cringe, make sure you end up joining that anime RP website. There'll be a name on a list of deities that you'll find amazing and will eventually take to be your own. It's great. People will love it.

    Actually just stick with the roleplayer guild until it 'dies' and you should be fine. Like, seriously, you'll meet some great people there, and when you go from there will have cool people too.

    Also beware of pretty much everyone but your aunt and cousins on dad's side of the family. Just to be safe.

    And stick to music. It's good to be able to do that stuff.

    Am I rambling?

    A bit. But whatever. I think I did enough of this now. You have fun.

    Things get better.

    Love yourself

    Love, yourself
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  18. this is longer than a tweet I am illiterate I just can't do it

    I was gonna give you shit for being too long but I guess it's two messages, so you squeak by this time.
  19. Hey there to my past self,

    He was lying to you the whole time. Listen to Abby. She is right about him. You were wrong.

    You do not have to be a man to be a good person. You do not have to be a man to be a strong person. You do not have to be a man to do any of the things you want to do. I know it seems like the world treats women poorly - and you're not wrong there - but you need to rise above that. There is absolutely nothing shameful about being a girl, despite everything you've been taught and exposed to. It's okay to love women. Stop hating them. It's not cool to be a misogynist. It's not cool to boast about being a misogynist. Women are great. You're great. Don't be afraid to be yourself.

    Your brother doesn't hate you. He just doesn't understand you. Give it time.

    Also, give your dad a break. He does not love your brother more than you. At some point in your life, he will tell you that when he was younger, your grandfather gave your aunt preferential treatment. He was so scared of doing that to your brother, that he accidentally did that to you. Don't hate him. He's trying, and he loves you dearly.
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  20. Dear Younger Reina,

    That group of friends you will start to hang out with in the 9th grade...don't. They won't be your friends for much longer and will ruin your high school experience and make you repress memories. Trust me. You will hate high school if you don't change that group of friends. They will betray you, back stab you and one of your 'friends' will take your boyfriend.

    On that note, yes you will find love. The love of your life will actually be that really tall kid with the braids. I know you don't like him now but you will adore him and he you. Don't change anything about yourself. He will love you just the way you are. He will grant you the world but don't screw it up! Other guys will suddenly be interested in you. Do NOT let it go to your head. They aren't worth it and you will damage him if you do this. You will change who he is so don't do it and trust me you will be happier.

    Don't get into credit card debt. Just. Don't.
    You don't need that expensive Sleepy's mattress or that new laptop. I know they're nice but trust me. Save for them and pay it off at once. It will be worse later.

    Don't go to that private college. I know I know. It's nice and all and you will enjoy your college experience but what you won't enjoy is the mass amount of student loan debt you will incur. And don't go into psychology. You can't stand hearing people's problems but you're excellent in math. Go into accounting. Trust me on this.

    Don't change who you are for anyone. People are going to talk about you whether you do good or whether you do bad so you might as well just be you. Keep your distance from your uncle. He may seem really cool now but he turns on you later. Avoid yourself the grief.

    Also don't overeat. It will take you years to take the weight off.

    Love your future self.
    La Reina
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