An Azerothian Tale (OnexOne Requests; Fantasy/Fandom Themed)

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  1. Hello! Smoking Peanut here with a few one on one roleplay requests relating to the World of Warcraft! The incredibly expansive and wide variety of lore Blizzard has created for the land of Azeroth has spawned thousands, even millions of fan characters for the purpose of roleplay. I'm here to share a few of mine in hopes that one will catch your eye. if so, send me a PM and we can begin plotting! Be sure to send me your character's info in the initial message, of course. It can be either an OC, or a canon character, I do not discriminate! If you have a character from outside of the WoW universe, be sure it has been spawned from some sort of fantasy genre, and we'll likely be able to integrate them into the world! And, also, if you are below an intermediate level of writing, don't bother contacting me ^^; I want my partners to have a good sense of what they're doing.


    Welnysa Shadestrider
    Daughter of the venerated Shadestrider family of night elven assassins, she's played a major part in the fall of many of the troll empires that spread across the majority of southern Kalimdor, and in expelling the satyr taint from the elves' beloved forests. Even in the defense of Mount Hyjal she was present, assigned Tyrande Whisperwind herself to eliminate high priority targets within the Legion, namely powerful cultists and necromancers. However, since the destruction of the World Tree, her family of assassins fell into disarray, many of them lamenting over the loss of their immortality, including Welnysa herself. Even during the re-opening of the Dark Portal, the re-awakening of the Lich King, and the Cataclysm, all the night elf has done is travel on whatever coin she can manage to scrounge up from local bounties, and lay beneath the radar. Perhaps she'll allow a travel companion if asked nicely enough?


    Manathilby the Valorous

    The proud human land of Lordaeron was forever razed by the Scourge's incursion, and led many of its citizens to flee the horrific war being waged on their homeland. Not the young Manathilby's family, however. As both his mother and father were devout followers of the Holy Light; his mother a priest, and his father a paladin; they vigilantly remained within Lordaeron on their own. Not long after the prince Arthas had departed for Northrend, Manathilby's father took up his hammer and joined the offense, leaving his family behind to fight for the Scarlet Crusade, and leaving his wife with the sole duty of raising their son. Some months had passed, and Manathilby was beginning to reach maturity, and his mother took up to passing down the Light's blessings to him. But, once word of Arthas' betrayal had reached their ears, they were both swift to abandon hope for their forsaken country. They left many of their belongings behind as they fled, but Manathilby couldn't be without his father's old greatsword. He wished to keep it, as a reminder of his father's great bravery (or stupidity) for staying behind with the Scarlet Crusade to rid the world of Azeroth of the undead taint. However, that was many years ago. Now, Manathilby is a seasoned war veteran, wielding the light as a proud paladin of the new Alliance, still wielding his father's greatsword; the Lordaeron insignia ever present upon the blade's refurbished cross-guard. However, as the battle-hardened man continues to grow older past his physical peak, he's begun doubt his abilities. Even paladins aren't safe from a midlife crisis after all.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Fizzy Copperpinch

    Like any goblin, Fizzy wants to make money. Alot of it. Born into a goblin family known for its silver tongue and knack for hustling, Fizzy aptly followed in her mother's footsteps, and so did her fellow sisters, Trizzy and Drizzy. The goblin woman commonly travels across each of the four continents of Azeroth, opting not to associate herself with the multitude of wars being waged across it in favor of widening the potential number of customers available to her. Being a woman of discerned taste, she often works with and sells artifacts and heirlooms, but certainly isn't above flaunting her endowments to her buyers if it means making a gold coin more. Though, she doesn't simply sell artifacts, she actively seeks them out herself to fill her own stock. She doesn't work alone, however, and always travels with her brother Nixxel. Fizzy wouldn't dream of going treasure hunting alone, people die doing it dontcha know!



    Pandaren. A peace-loving, carefree people who would nary think of violence as an option for conflict, lest their hands were forced. The stoic Meifen is no different. Although she does not cheer and celebrate as often as the rest of her people do, she remains true to the pandaren culture, and strives for their ideal of perfect, harmonious peace. Owning naught but a small hut overlooking the Jade Forests, Meifen lives humbly by herself, tending to her garden, meditating, and keeping her martial arts skills sharp. But, as the mists dissipate across the continent of Pandaria, she cannot help but fear for her land's safety, hearing of warring outsiders landing on the shores of the peaceful forests she calls home. If she must raise her fists in the defense of her home, she shall.


    Martha "Ebony" Braxton

    Once wife to one of the first brave souls to venture into the cold region of Northrend, Martha duly kept the bond with her husband strong, and followed him there to be one of the first to inhabit Wintergarde Keep. As her husband went off to battle the Scourge, Martha remained behind with their son and daughter to tend to the settlement's farms. But on the night of his return, the wicked necropolis of Naxxramas had floated in above the small town, and the Scourge attacked once again in the dead of night. With the heart of a warrior, Martha took up the nearest piece of farm equipment; a rusted pitchfork; and ran to the Keep's defense. As if she were the Holy Light embodied, she stood with the 7th Legion and slew the one-thousand-one death knights thrown at her. Martha's victory was heroic, yet short-lived, as her efforts had raised the attention of Kel'Thuzad himself, drawing him into the fray. Her and the rest of the soldiers fought valiantly, but they couldn't keep the Lich from claiming his prize. With Martha dead, Kel'Thuzad took her away to induct her into the army she had fought so hard to defend against. Irony is truly a bitter thing.

    But, that is only an old soldier's tale. How much of it could possibly be true?


    Protectorate Veya

    In Draenei culture, the order of the Vindicators is very well known, and inspires the population by their sheer prowess in battle and control over the Holy Light's power. However, Veya is a part of the Vindicator's sister organization; the order of the Protectorate. While the Vindicators fight their wars, the Protectorate defend their towns and cities with their lives, and are not as well known. Veya once found a humble sense of honour in this. a better time. But after fleeing from her home planet of Argus, and again from Draenor, the Protectorate had suffered severe losses. Being the protectors of the people, they were the first to fall when the Orcs turned on them on Draenor, and very few escaped onto the Exodar.

    Only Veya survived the crash.

    Now the last known Protectorate, Veya seeks to bolster the order's forces, and hopes to return the order to its former glory.


    Qienya, High Priestess of the Order of the Red Crane

    The arrival of the Alliance and Horde upon the shores of Pandaria forever changed the mysterious land, and in turn, changed its people. Qienya Brightpaw, merely an acolyte at the time, was shocked to find the sacred Temple of the Red Crane she called home become a battlefield within a matter of days. Not weeks after catching wind of the arrival of outsiders on Krasarang shores, she soon witnessed green-skinned brutes and pink-skinned sorcerers clash across the temple grounds, and was lucky she was not caught in the crossfire, nor did she succumb to the Sha. As the dust settled, and the two warring nations took their war elsewhere, the acolyte was now one of the order's eldest members. As the previous High Priest had fallen victim to the Sha, the Red Crane Chi-Ji was forced to choose another to replace him. In a curious decision, he chose Qienya. Qienya proudly accepted, and was ambitious to spread the teachings of Chi-Ji; those of the Holy Light, and of everlasting hope.
    Like what you see so far? Looking for something different? If it's the latter, shoot me a PM anyway! I might just be able to whip up another character with enough convincing and inspiration.​
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  2. This probably belongs in the Fandom section of the One on One request sub-forums.

    Do kinda miss WoW and all of my RP characters I had with them.. Good luck in your search though!
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  3. I might be interested
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  4. All depends on the genre wanted, but I'd potentially be interested
  5. Yo! If your still looking for someone I interested. If you are please contact me and we can talk.
  6. I'm generally looking for an adventure roleplay, with some drama and romance on the side. Which character(s) would you be interested in?
  7. Normally I play orcs, so it'd most likely end up being Fizzy or Veya, depending on if you wanted to do an unlikely team up sort of thing with her

    I really don't mind as long as we have a good reason for them to join up for an adventure
  8. So, before I even get to asking the (other) important questions, I'll ask this: Which characters have been taken so far?
  9. I've recently got into RP on Wyrmrest Accord, so I might be interested.
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