An Avatar: The Last Airbender RP?

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  1. The sign up thread is up:

    So... it's pretty outdated now but I still really enjoyed the series.

    Mainly the plot I have in mind for this is under the assumption that an alternative ending occurred. I'm still sort of working out the exact details but let me just give you the main idea for now:

    If they failed on the day of Sozin's comet... (I'm still working out how it happened) and most of the gaang died and the others retreated into rebellion groups most of the earth kingdom would have been leveled by fire. A new avatar would be born to the water nation. The way I see this the rp would take place with that new avatar, probably when they are around 13-14 years old.

    There'd be spiritual unrest in the lands due to all the destruction that occurred during sozin's comet.

    And I'm thinking Azula killed her own father to claim the title of empress over the new empire...

    The avatar would have only mastered water and in order to restore peace to the land he/she would need to find teachers and eventually take out the empress.

    Any interest? Or maybe some... help?
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  2. Would you be playing the Avatar, or one of the Avatar's companions?
  3. I love avatar and I got an unnsused character I would love to play
  4. Oh. I don't want to play the Avatar. Someone else can have a go at that.
    I actually got a sort of confusing idea for a companion of the avatar I'm juggling in my head for this.
  5. well i do have an unused waterbender character I made a bit ago. I think maybe I wouldn't mind being your avatar. I mean if you want me to audition first or something I can. Since this is a pretty important part of your rp. Aaaaand I'd like to help you brainstorm, im real good at helping people come up with ideas. Just PM me if you wanna.
  6. I'm down for some Avatar rp.
  7. Awesome. Camleen and me are working out come of the details of the actual plot but so far it looks like we are going to need a fire, earth and an airbender for this and an elite team of probably three or four people that are the 'enemy' to bring conflict and strife to the Avatar's group.
  8. I'm interested in playing as the firebender and as a member of the elite team that bothers the avatar (I think I read that right XD )
  9. I think I may have a concept for an Airbender, although before I get too deep into it, I am curious on how they'd exist since Aang's death in this game.
  10. Yes. A firebender for the elite team would make sense ^^

    I have a hard time believing that a race of people consistently known for being nomads, often as free as the wind would have all been wiped out. Going by what Aang said he'd done a quite of bit of travelling before the war. I'm going on the assumption that not all the airbenders were 'home' when the attack on their people happened. Since then they've been in hiding. Probably disguised as the common folk... if I had to take a guess.
  11. Gotcha. Figured I'd ask just in case.
  12. Yeah. It was a good question- you'd need to know that to make an airbending character after all.

    So... we're still in the process of setting this all up but it's looking good so far.
    As it is we are going to have to teams in this rp:
    Team Avatar
    The Red Lotus​
    The second of which is courtesy of Empress Azula. I know it's a name from the Korra series but maybe it was something Azula first brought into existence to combat the White Lotus. Anyone's guess really but for this rp that's how it will be.

    So now it's just a matter of picking your character and picking sides.​
  13. Could I reserve a fire bender on team avatar?
  14. Yes. So, so far we have the avatar, a firebender, my nonbender character and an airbender for Team Avatar.

    On The Red Lotus: just one firebender. By the stars... they are going to need some help =D
  15. I think you misunderstood me. I want my firebender to be on team avatar and another character entirely on the Red Lotus, I'm thinking he would be a air bender
  16. Have we definitely decided how many years after Sozin's Comet this story will be? 14 years? 17?
  17. Depends on how old you want your Avatar character to be.
  18. Well if that's the case.. let's say 17 years. Does that work for everyone? does that work for your character, Blue? He can be older or younger, whichever. Does everyone think 17 years post Sozin's Comet work?
  19. This is fine with me~

    Blue did you see my pervious post? I just want to make sure there is no confusion ^^
  20. Oh sorry Dualnte there was some confusion.

    So sorry TheGDeer, it was my mistake but it appears Dualmte claimed the spot of that firebender before you but there is still earthbender position open.

    And yes Camleen 17 years is fine, my character will probably be younger than yours given the circumstances. I haven't decided the exact age yet though.
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